Free Cute Fonts

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I am sure by now you know that I love to check out new fonts. I may not have the time, energy or mood to change the fonts on my websites and webstore, but still, it is a habit and if I do have the time to do it, at least I know that I could easily refer to my own blog for free font sites that I like. is the latest free font site that I came across. I won’t say that I love all these free fonts but what I like are their cartoon fonts, comic fonts, shape fonts, music fonts, kids fonts and Valentine fonts!

I think I must have missed out some of the other fonts that I like as well, but there are simply too many to list out!

Everest Poker

My friend, Michelle, is really a modern mother. The other day, I was shocked when she told me that she plays poker at home with her children! Well, I guess when she spends time playing poker online, she will inevitably introduce poker to her children too.

Although I have visited quite a few online poker rooms, my knowledge is not as extensive as Michelle’s. Today, I got to know of Everest Poker. I wonder if she already knew about this online poker room.

From what I could see, Everest Poker bonus is one of the highest at US$100, but only after making a deposit. This Everest bonus is a welcome gift to all new members.

Unlike most other professional poker rooms, Everest Poker has a training room for new poker players to hone their poker playing skills before joining the big boys and playing for money.

Also, the reason Everest Poker is one of the fastest growing international online poker room is their support for most major international languages. This means that poker players from around the world would be able to enjoy playing at Everest Poker in their native language.

Many veteran online poker players have mentioned that Everest Poker has their very own software so playing here would serve as a new experience. While some people would prefer to play at larger rooms, those who are new would appreciate the slower pace of poker games here so it is not that difficult to turn a profit.

Win A Swimming Pool

In the past two years since I first started my freebies blog, I have come across some pretty interesting freebies that people giveaway.

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Just now, while looking for freebies for this blog, I chanced upon this very interesting freebie. It’s a SWIMMING POOL! Summer is just around the corner, who would not like a swimming pool in the backyard, right? I think that it is pretty innovative of them to give away something as useful as a swimming pool and at the right time too!

To win this swimming pool, or four other weekly prizes, what you have to do is just subscribe to the newsletter of Freebie Free. And of course, this contest is only open to legal residents of the United States.

Win Nintendo Wii

Here’s a little good news for people who are aiming to WIN a Nintendo Wii, instead of buying it. I know, game consoles are supposed to be NO GOOD. And Nintendo Wii is supposed to be worse than the PS3, according to PS3 fans, that is! Whatever the case, if it is free, just TAKE IT!

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Unfortunately, this drawing with Nintendo Wii up for grabs is only open to legal residents of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Good luck to you if you are participating in this contest! Just fill up the form to subscribe to the mailing list of Upstairs and be eligible for the contest!

Nintendo Wii

If you are outside of these four countries, like me in Malaysia, tough luck then. Let’s hope that there are some other companies that would giveaway Nintendo Wii as a prize in a simple contest. Is that too much to hope for? I don’t think so!

Win a 4GB Zune and Rogue Wave Album

Although Zune is not popular here in Malaysia, I understand that it is quite popular and comparable to the iPod. If you would rather own a Zune, then here is a chance for you to win a 4GB Zune for free from

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This contest has just started a couple of days ago and will end on 7th July, 2008. Unfortunately, this contest is only open to legal residents of the United States currently living in the United States.

Besides the 4GB Zune, you will also be winning the latest album from Rogue Wave. If you do not know who they are, the Zune should be a good enough reason to participate in this contest!

Free Web Graphics

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As a cheap0 webmaster, I am always on the look out for free graphics that I could use on my sites and blogs. Some people think that we should not use free graphics and risk looking like another website and if we are serious with our sites, we should custom design our graphics.

Well, I am fine with free graphics and do not see the need to spend money unnecessarily when we can get plenty of graphics for free.

My latest discovery is HHmm if you are planning to use any of their graphics, though, you will need to check out their terms of use. Basically, you are not allowed to profit from their free graphics, you can only use them on non-commercial sites and you will have to provide a link back to

Also, like all free graphic sites you cannot hotlink images from the site. Enjoy!

World’s Largest Virtual Closet

Spending so much time online, I thought that I have seen most websites already but today, I was introduced to this website called, a virtual closet with over a million outfits in its database ready for us to mix and match.

What really is, is a website where members upload photos of their clothes so that everyone could use these images of clothes to mix and match to find the perfect outfit, or to describe an outfit. I am amazed that members contributed photos of so many articles of clothing and it looks like the site continues to grow with newly added clothes everyday.

Each match of top and bottom to create an “outfit” will automatically generate three different sets of codes that we could use to embed it in our website, blog or MySpace. I have mixed a top and bottom and have also embedded it in this post just for fun.

If you have some time now, why not visit to make and share virtual outfits? I had a great time there and I am sure you would too. Remember, there are over a million clothing items and each mix seems better than the last. It was pretty difficult for me to select ONE outfit to embed in my post!