Free Audio Books

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I love reading but since discovering the internet, I no longer have the time in books. The problem is that besides the lack of time, as a blogger, my fingers are kept so busy, I could not hold a book to read.

However, I could listen to audio books, right? That was why I was so delighted to discover this awesome website called Audio Books For Free, which has an amazing collection of free audio books.

As I understand, these audio books are free. However, if you require these books to be of exceptional audio quality, you could pay for it. Also, if you require these to be on CD, you could purchase it off the website itself, or on eBay.

I think this is a great option because some people may want just free audio books while some would prefer quality audio books even if they have to pay for them. Me, just freebies, please. Awesome!

Acoustic Guitar Care & Playing Tips

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Did you know, a long time ago, we had a guitar. My sister wanted to learn to play it so our dad bought it for her. Turned out that her fingers were too short, especially her pinkie, and that we should have bought a smaller guitar, for beginners.

The guitar collected dust in our room and was eventually sold. I did want to learn it but nobody put me through classes. I tried to pick up what I could from books but soon lost interest.

Now, I come across a site like Guitar Man’s Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips and wished that I still have my guitar with me. No, I will not be buying another guitar just to learn it though, because I know that I will never have the patience, unless I go to music school and follow a fixed module.

However, if you have the discipline to learn guitar by yourself, or already know a little and just need extra guidance, do check out Guitar Man’s Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips.

US Online Casinos and Players

As you are probably aware, the US has very strict laws when it comes to online gaming. Don’t ask me why when they could be so liberal in many other things. However, there are still plenty of online casinos that allow players from the US so all is not lost. Players in the United States could still enjoy the thrill of online gaming just like the rest of the world, if they know where to play.

Online Casinos and Players is one website with information on casinos US players welcomed. Of the many, many online gaming review sites that I have visited in recent months, this seems to be one of the handfuls of sites that is dedicated to serve US online casino players with information on where they could play legally, in addition to up-to-date bonuses, payouts, news and reviews.

If you are in the United States, you really want to be careful where you invest your time, energy and money in. By referring to Online Casinos and Players, you will not go wrong because they have really done their research so that you do not have to. Just imagine, you could access all these information from one portal instead of checking out each and every online gaming website if it accepts US online casino player.

Free Wordoku Puzzles

Image courtesy of Vegard Hanssen

I have to admit, I am never good with numbers. A couple of years ago, my sister introduced me to the Japanese number puzzle called Sudoku. I tried to play it but could only solve the easiest puzzles, giving up on the more difficult puzzles.

This morning, I discovered something called Wordoku. This is similar to Sudoku, except that we use letters to form words, unlike Sudoku which does not make sense to me at all. Hehe!

If you would like to try your hand and brains on Wordoku puzzles, bookmark where Vegard Hanssen has generated more than five hundred THOUSAND printable Wordoku puzzles! That’s an amazing database he has there. Check it out and let me know if you prefer solving Sudoku or Wordoku puzzles custom essays . Each puzzle comes with a solution so don’t worry! 😀

Getting To Know Poker Better

Although I have wanted to play Poker well for a long time now, it is difficult without guidance. None of my friends would teach me because they think a girl should not play Poker. It’s as if it’s a male sport. They have forgotten that there are female Poker champions as well!

You’d probably remember that my interest in Poker started after watching a drama a couple of years ago. Since then, I only had the opportunity to play poker online and losing badly. Luckily, there are free online poker games for me to test my “skills”, if any.

Even though I may not play well, I do dream that one day, I could play in a proper online Poker room and not get trashed. So far, I have read Poker room reviews which seem interesting but not daring to try them out yet.

Also, I only recently just discovered that there are Poker forums which I could participate in. That sounds like fun. I love forums and the sense of community they forge, particularly when we all share the same interest be it in Poker or something else. I should spend more time in Poker boards and probably pick up some Poker tips and tricks and implement them in my game, instead of just reading Poker books or watching Poker videos. Don’t you agree?

Digital Scrapbook Faves

Image courtesy of Digital Scrapbook Faves

I believe I mentioned before that one of the best designed blogs or websites are scrapbooking sites. While designing sites are also great looking, I prefer the colors used in scrapbooking sites. That’s my kind of color; girly, young, fresh and refreshing.

Last night, I remembered that I was supposed to help my sister look for some scrapbooking freebies and ideas. She has just started this hobby and has been doing traditional scrapbooking, which she says is a little costly.

That’s why I suggested helping her look for scrapbooking freebies on the web. There are many, and I have featured quite a few sites before but I don’t remember coming across this Digital Scrapbook Faves before. I absolutely adore the template of this site. It’s so sweet! Check it out! I feel like taking up scrapbooking as well but I definitely cannot spare the time at this point. SIGH!!!

Casino Scrutiny

My friends and I were discussing about the online casinos and how it seems like a really exciting industry. How many new casinos are established every day, we do not know, but it looks like the only business unaffected by the bearish economy.

A hot topic among us is which casino is the best. I always tell the guys that this is very subjective and there is no one “best” casino because it all depends on what each player looks for in a casino. We spend time and money in an online casino but some may want to win lots of money, some play for the thrill of it while some think of it as a social arena.

Whatever you look for in a casino, I am sure we all prefer to play in one that would give us the most bang for our money. It could be a major online casino like Rushmore Casino, or it could be a new and lesser known online casino.

Casino Scrutiny is a website that attempts to help us decide where to spend our time and money on. These are the casinos that the administrator has played in so they are all based on his own personal experience. If you want to know what he thinks of Golden Casino, Mummys Gold Casino or other major casinos, check out Casino Scrutiny.