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The Various Pokers

I spent last weekend at a friend’s house when she threw a pajama party. We had such fun times that weekend, and even though we are all grown up adults now, we still felt like old times, when we used to have slumber and pajama parties almost every month, much to our parents’ dismay!

Although we spent more time awake than sleeping, we also spent as much time playing. That weekend, I learned that there are so many different pokers than I already knew! I didn’t even know how to play those! And I lost to my friends, although we didn’t play with real cash. Still, I thought that I was pretty good in the game already!

Now that I am home once again, I am polishing my game by playing online poker a lot more than I used to. I would like to polish my poker playing skills and hope that when we do get together again, I will play a lot better than I did, and win the games!

My friends laugh at me, though, and say that to win in poker, one doesna��t only require good playing skills but also luck. Ah, I guess that was what I did not have last weekend, judging from the many games I lost!
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Poker Again After The Long School Holidays

Many of my friends with school-going children are happy that the long school holidays are over. They said they had run out of ideas to keep the kids occupied when they spent too much time at home, without school work and other schooling activities. I can understand how some parents are driven up the wall, especially when they have hyperactive kids, or when it rains and the kids are stuck indoors.

A friend even confessed to me that while she was busy with the kids, she didn’t even have time to play Pills cheap naprosyn drug online poker anymore. And now that they are back at school, she could indulge in a game or two again. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t need to take care of her kids when a new school term starts, she is just thankful that there are other people to share out the responsibility!

I guess as a single person without children of my own, I cannot fully comprehend how a parent could be because of their kids. I do know that every parent wants the best for the kids and will do his or her best for them, but parents also need some time off for themselves, right? To this friend, playing poker online is her way of de-stressing.
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Play Poker Online For Fun

As an event blogger, I spend a lot of time waiting for VIPs to arrive, either to launch a program or to officiate something or other. I also have to listen in to many lengthy speeches. At first, everything was a novelty to me, but now, I find that the procedure is also similar for all the events, so I don’t pay that much attention anymore. No doubt, I still enjoy what I do, and if I get paid better, I would enjoy myself a lot more. However, I find that I am wasting a lot of time.

Lately, a journalist friend, whom I meet at events regularly, showed me how he kills the boredom. He plays poker games Buy proventil hfa inhaler online minocycline 50 mg price on his tablet. How smart! And now he has made me hanker for a tablet as well. I already have a smart phone and notebook but nothing beats playing on the tablet. I tried it out on my friend’s and I really love it. The screen is comfortable enough and the light tablet makes it easy for me to handle, even with one hand.

At the moment, I do sometimes play poker online, but only on my desktop computer. I guess I will be playing a lot more when I am able to take the game with me wherever I go.

Maybank Deepavali Contest

Image courtesy of Maybank

Maybank is running a contest on Faceook in conjunction with Deepavali. This is a Facebook game application so you will have to “Like” Maybank Page first.

There are a total of 130 prizes up for grabs, including 76 grams of gold, and 60 weekly prizes.

Click on the link that I have enclosed at the top of this page and play now. Get your friends and family to play as well. Contest period is from 17th Oct to 6th Nov, 2011.

Good luck!

Pokerstars in Greek

I visited a ship recently where all the people who work there are volunteers from around the world. I took the opportunity to get to know the culture of the various countries. Truly, with staff from 45 different countries, there are many things to learn about!

I wondered how they are able to spend their free time when they are sailing in the middle of the ocean. What sort of entertainment do they get? Although they are assigned extremely tiny bunks, at least they do have pretty good internet connection. This means that they could get online to get whatever entertainment they need.

I was talking to these guys about playing poker online and they say that it’s one of their favorite pastimes! How could that be when they don’t speak or understand English well? They say they play greek poker. Ah, I should have known that if I could play poker in English, people who speak other international languages can also play poker in their native language!

They even showed me the Greek version of and of course, I couldn’t understand a word. As the saying goes, it looked like Greek to me. In this case, it really was Greek! I showed them the English site that I spend a lot of time on playing online poker. They say that although they know some English, they are not that comfortable with it.

I wonder if we could look for all the languages of all the different nationalities on-board. What do you think? Does Pokerstars have websites in 45 different languages? My new friends told me that they will be docked here until the end of the month. They say that if I visit them just before they set sail, they should be able to let me know, when all their colleagues have had the chance to play some poker online!

Embed Free Games

As a blogger, one of the problems I face, is filling my blog with original content. It really is not easy to create interesting content day after day, or at least once every couple of days, that will keep readers coming back regularly and keep them logged on to our blog for longer than a few seconds each time they visit. Yes, that’s the reality of blogging, and I believe all bloggers, and even webmasters, will agree.

I found that the easy way out of my problem, is to embed Games on my blogs and websites. Yes, this is a perfect solution, but only if you have a fun-themed blog or website, otherwise games will look out of place!

I get many of my games from This is a very user-friendly games site which allows us to play games on-site, and for content creators and webmasters like me to quickly embed a fun game on our site. If you know how to embed YouTube videos to your post, you will know how to make the best use of the games offered by It really is that easy!

Do spend some time to browse through the website first as there are many genre of games available. You will be able to better engage your web audience with the right games appropriate to your niche.

*** This post has been sponsored.

Play Poker Online

It’s the start of a new week. My friend asked me if I had a fruitful week. I don’t know how to answer her question. That’s because I spent many hours in front of the computer playing poker! Play poker online, you ask? Yes, that’s what I did. I didn’t know that I would be so caught up playing online poker. It was almost like an addiction!

Actually, the reason I stayed at home during the weekend was because I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything at all. A friend wanted to accompany me at home but I told her to get online and play poker together with me. And she did! Hahaha! So now you know how I could spend hours playing.

I may play poker a lot but I am not good in the game at all. I did watch many game tutorial videos but I think luck plays a major role in winning or losing a game and I never seem to have lady luck on my side! Maybe it was because I was trying to win my first game that I ended up playing for so long last weekend. I did win in the end, thankfully!

Also, it’s funny that even though I play poker regularly, I have only played it online all these while. It would be great if I could play it in a real casino but at this rate, with my poor gaming skills, I would be embarrassing myself in public. I do hope that one day, I can hold my own in public but right now, I’d just rather polish my game play online!

In any case, I will continue to learn to play poker by reading as much as I could and play online at my convenience, and not necessary with real money either.