The Various Pokers

I spent last weekend at a friend’s house when she threw a pajama party. We had such fun times that weekend, and even though we are all grown up adults now, we still felt like old times, when we used to have slumber and pajama parties almost every month, much to our parents’ dismay!

Although we spent more time awake than sleeping, we also spent as much time playing. That weekend, I learned that there are so many different pokers than I already knew! I didn’t even know how to play those! And I lost to my friends, although we didn’t play with real cash. Still, I thought that I was pretty good in the game already!

Now that I am home once again, I am polishing my game by playing online poker a lot more than I used to. I would like to polish my poker playing skills and hope that when we do get together again, I will play a lot better than I did, and win the games!

My friends laugh at me, though, and say that to win in poker, one doesna��t only require good playing skills but also luck. Ah, I guess that was what I did not have last weekend, judging from the many games I lost!
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