Video Poker 24/7

One of the things I like about online casinos, besides the thrill of winning, of course, is that I get the opportunity to explore games that I am unfamiliar with. Although I have been to land casinos quite a few times before and yes, I know about video poker too, I certainly had no idea that there are so many varieties of video poker. I certainly have not heard of Deuces Wild Video Poker!

When I visit a land casino, I usually do not have the luxury to check the different kinds of games. Neither do I want to wager on games that I am unfamiliar with. Playing online, I could take my time to learn video poker, especially with Jacks or Better that is said to be the easiest video poker to win, particularly suited for beginners like myself.

If you are new to video poker, never mind that you are already a pro playing table poker, you should check out the comprehensive video poker guide with tips, tricks and strategies that would help you to play to win from the website of Video Poker 247.

I don’t deny that playing casino games is entertainment for me. However, since video poker provides players with more control, I might just take playing casino games online more seriously.

Write To Santa Claus

Image courtesy of Write To Santa Claus

Christmas is still a long way to come but if you have young children in the house, I am sure you have plenty of things to prepare for the Season. Children nowadays are different from last time when I was a kid. They are more aware of the various celebrations and what to expect on Christmas.

One thing that every kid looks forward to is a visit by Santa Claus. Of course, this is not possible but what about a letter from Santa Claus? A personalized letter would cheer up any child!

Check out Write To Santa Claus and see if you could write a letter to Santa Claus on your child’s behalf and receive a “surprise” reply from Santa Claus this coming Christmas! Aih… the magic of Christmas!

Free IT Consulting Quotation

Many businesses, even at this era of technology evolution, failed to recognize the importance of IT in relation to their business. It is more than having a website or an ecommerce store.

By implementing IT in the daily running of their business, they could actually lower their operational cost and at the same time improve on their productivity. And with an efficient IT system in place, a company could do without costly manpower.

If you have been searching for IT consultation for your company, a good place to ask is, an IT consulting company that offers New York IT consulting services, where you could request for a free quotation.

My friend, Jake, hasn’t seen the value that a well implemented IT system would offer and I am trying my best to convince him that he should upgrade the overall administration of his company, including adopting IT in the daily running of it, only because I don’t want to continue listening to his complaints of how things aren’t working as well as he has expected.

I believe that a business person should flow with the times, including being comfortable with internet technology. Once he has gotten the hang of a new system, I am sure he would wonder why he did not adopt it in the first place!

Win A Free House!

I was browsing the web this morning randomly when I came upon this awesome sweepstakes.

Images courtesy of My Home Ideas

How about a chance to win a HOUSE? Yes, you heard right! While this is not the first time that I have stumbled upon a contest that gives away a house as a prize, this is probably the only contest in a long while that does not require an entry fee or purchase to be eligible for the sweepstakes.

What you are required to do is just to full out the form with your personal particulars, select the free email newsletters that you would like to receive and get ready to win the 2008 Idea House in Windmark Beach, Florida, the United States of America.

Entries for this sweepstakes are accepted from August 1, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. CDST. This sweepstakes will close at 5:00 p.m. CDST on September 30, 2008. Only one entry per email account per day is allowed. This sweepstakes is only eligible for legal residents of the United States of legal age. Good luck everybody!

Play Free Slots Online

When I first discovered the world wide web over ten years ago, I was fascinated that there are so many websites that offer free games. As I was only on dial up connection, I could not play games online without running up the bill. I downloaded them to my computer to be played offline.

I remember one of the earliest games that I played was “jackpot”. It’s also known as slots or fruit machines. There’s no skill required except to pull the arm and hope that the fruits match. Even so, it is quite an exciting game.

Later on, I learnt that we could play these fruit machines in online casinos. It’s a live experience and we could play for fun or for money. Monkey Slots has a great list of online gaming sites that provide free online slots and other casino games. No matter if you are from Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States, there will always be a suitable online casino for you to play in.

If you have ever wondered which online casino has the best Pokies, then you will have to check out Monkey Slots. They have a list of online gaming sites with proven track record so you need not worry about investing time and money in them.

Free Download Dido’s “Look No Further”


It seems like years ago since Dido burst into the entertainment scene. Now, she is out with a new album scheduled to be released this 3rd November, 2008, entitled, Safe Trip Home.

In conjunction with the new album, Dido and her music label are giving away free download of her new track, Look No Further. Her first single from this album though, is Don’t Believe In Love, which will be released in October, 2008.

To receive the download link, you will have to submit your name, email address and agree to their terms of use. You could also opt in to Dido’s mailing list. This free download is only valid until 7th September, 2008. So grab it before it expires!

Free Craft Projects

Image courtesy of Kreinik Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Many of my friends, especially stay-at-home mothers, are really into craftwork. Heck, I too love craft but I can’t seem to find time to indulge in this hobby. Perhaps it’s because I am not too good that I get discouraged in creating something beautiful. Perhaps I give up too easily.

Also, my hands are constantly busy, as a blogger, so I do not see how I could find the time to hold needles and thread. 😀

In any case, this morning, which looking for something on the web, I chanced upon the website of Kreinik Manufacturing Co., Inc., a thread manufacturer.

On their website, you can find some pretty interesting project ideas that you could download for free and try to make them yourself. I am not sure what level of difficulty these projects are but there’s no harm trying, right?