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Christmas is still a long way to come but if you have young children in the house, I am sure you have plenty of things to prepare for the Season. Children nowadays are different from last time when I was a kid. They are more aware of the various celebrations and what to expect on Christmas.

One thing that every kid looks forward to is a visit by Santa Claus. Of course, this is not possible but what about a letter from Santa Claus? A personalized letter would cheer up any child!

Check out Write To Santa Claus and see if you could write a letter to Santa Claus on your child’s behalf and receive a “surprise” reply from Santa Claus this coming Christmas! Aih… the magic of Christmas!

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One thought on “Write To Santa Claus

  1. Louise Hornhaver

    What an excellent idea.
    I remember when I was around 5 or 6 years old, I sended a handwritten letter to Santa Claus, and the next day I got a letter back!
    My parents read it for me and told me that he wrote it on his language (God knows what language it was), and it did really looked like it was from Santa Claus. I was stunned lol.

    I was so happy, so I would suggest anyone who has small children to do the same, I will defently never forget it!

    But the day today i never found out who really wrote it, could be my parents but hmm.. ? You never know do you 😉

    Great article :)

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