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When I first discovered the world wide web over ten years ago, I was fascinated that there are so many websites that offer free games. As I was only on dial up connection, I could not play games online without running up the bill. I downloaded them to my computer to be played offline.

I remember one of the earliest games that I played was “jackpot”. It’s also known as slots or fruit machines. There’s no skill required except to pull the arm and hope that the fruits match. Even so, it is quite an exciting game.

Later on, I learnt that we could play these fruit machines in online casinos. It’s a live experience and we could play for fun or for money. Monkey Slots has a great list of online gaming sites that provide free online slots and other casino games. No matter if you are from Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States, there will always be a suitable online casino for you to play in.

If you have ever wondered which online casino has the best Pokies, then you will have to check out Monkey Slots. They have a list of online gaming sites with proven track record so you need not worry about investing time and money in them.

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