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Baseball Fever

Baseball fever is here and my friends are very excited about watching their favorite teams play. They asked me to tag along but I declined. I tell you, I am scared of the crowd! I always get stressed out looking for parking, that’s why I try my best to avoid places which I know will be packed. Baseball isn’t a good enough excuse for me to brave the parking woes.

However, my friend told me that they are going in two cars, and I can hop on. They already have chicago rooftop tickets uroxatral prices walgreens , which means guaranteed parking spots for their vehicles. I don’t have to worry or get stressed, just enjoy the game. Ah, that’s more like it.

Wow, this sounds so fun! And definitely stress-free! But wait a minute… I don’t really like baseball, don’t understand the game at all. But I know I would enjoy the atmosphere of a live game. It would be really different from watching a live game on television. How?? Shall I go or not?

In any case, this has given me an idea to purchase a parking spot for concerts and other sporting events, if I go attend one in the future. It really takes the hassle away, despite the crowd.

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Filestork Review

Whilst searching for a reliable online backup service, a friend recommended Dropbox. He said he can’t live without the service because it is just so easy to store and/or transfer files. As a photojournalist, he handles many images, which he has to send to his editor quickly.

I tried out Dropbox and didn’t like using it. I guess I felt that it is not friendly enough, and I don’t like to use services that are complicated. But recently, a friend recommended Filestork, an add-on program for Dropbox users. HHmm I have not heard about it, let alone try it out but I just spent time reading this interesting, in-depth file stork review and feel that I should give it a try.

I really like that I could drag and drop files easily and without hassle. This makes moving files a swift process, making file management an easier task. Also, it is very important to me that files are available online as soon as they are dropped, and it needs no mentioning that they are stored safely and securely.

The most important point is that, as an add-on program to Dropbox, it attaches easily to a Dropbox account. I think I came across something similar earlier that was very troublesome, that’s why I didn’t have a good user experience of Dropbox. Things will definitely improve with Filestork.

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Playing Poker Online & Offline

My brother-in-law, who has luck in casino games, told me that he prefer to play online, at the comfort of home, rather than go to a casino. No doubt, whenever he and my sister holiday in Vegas, they always return with their holiday paid for thanks to his luck at the tables, and they even have extra cash.

According to him, the reason he prefers to play online, especially his favorite, poker, is that he doesn’t get distracted as he would, in a real world gaming hall. He could then concentrate on his moves and on winning. In contrast, at a casino, he could get affected by the performance of other players who share his table, or even the noise from tables next to his own.

So it does sound like his winnings are not solely dependent on Lady Luck, huh? I do understand where he is coming from, though. I too get easily distracted and that could make me lose focus, especially noisy chatter from my “neighbors”. Moreover, for someone like me who does not have good luck, it is so much more difficult for me to win. That’s why I have never played in a real gaming hall before, online online.

What about you?

About Reverse Mortgage

My sister told me that many of her neighbors who could no longer service their home loans have had to leave their homes, and all they do is just move everything out and leave the keys in the letter box! Yes, the economy has gotten so bad, it’s no surprise to read about the slump in sales of new homes.

Yes, times are tough but for elderly folks who own their property, they could take out a reverse mortgage so that they could get a considerable amount of cash on their hands to use however they like. Of course, they are terms and conditions that they should meet. The basic is meeting the minimum age of 62 years old.

Reverse mortgage is pretty complex, especially for people who have never even heard of it before. This is available in the United States for some years already, yet, many people who have taken out reverse mortgages have been misinformed. This is probably because their agents are new to it themselves.

All Reverse Mortgage Company is one of the country’s top five reverse mortgage brokers. This is a family-owned company with over a hundred years in combined experience in the mortgage industry. When you go to All Reverse Mortgage Company, you know that your reverse mortgage will be handled by a reverse mortgage expert who cares to seek out the best terms in reverse mortgage for you.

As it could be stressful to wait for the outcome of your reverse mortgage application, you really don’t want to have a novice on your case. All Reverse Mortgage Company’s experts, with years of experience in reverse mortgage, already know what should go into your file so that you would receive an approval in your first application.

In addition, compared to other reverse mortgage brokers, All Reverse Mortgage Company can pass you the pricing advantage due to their connections thanks to their many years in the industry.

Watsons VIP Card 1st Anniversary Party

Image courtesy of Watsons

Watsons is thorqing its first anniversary party for VIP card holders. There are plenty of fabulous prizes to be won and the first 200 VIP members at the event will receive Goodie Bags worth RM50 each.

In addition, every VIP card member has a chance to win a shopping spree with Watsons VIP celebrity friends; Amber Chia, Julie Woon or Scha Alyahya. Mizz Nina and Joey G will be performing.

R.S.V.P. by emailing Include your name, Watsons VIP card number, email address and telephone number. Admission is free.

Date: 10th Sept, 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time: 6pm-10pm

Video Poker Tips & Tricks

A friend, who lives in the outback, told me that nothing interesting ever happens where he lives. Driving to the city takes too long and he’s not willing to spend the money on gas just for some entertainment. Luckily, there’s the internet, which keeps him occupied for many hours at a stretch.

Lately, he has been quite caught up playing video poker online. I remember telling him how fun it is to play video poker but he said that he doesn’t have the time. What made him change his mind? I have no idea. However, now that he has started to play it, he is asking me for Video Poker Tips!

Frankly, I am also a beginner myself and cannot dispense tips and tricks to him. I did, however, tell him to head over to where he could read all about playing video poker! I too have bookmarked the site at already. I am sure as time goes by, there will be more articles to read. I definitely would like to improve on my video poker game play!

Even though I am just playing for fun to while away a bit of time, I still would like to play to win! I am sure everyone wants to win, right? A little homework is in order, then!

Online Casino Resources

If you follow technology news, I am sure you would have read about a handful of online casinos that have been shut down by the authorities. Quite a number of people asked me but I don’t have the full list myself too. However, I did let them know that it’s easy to check the list of Online Casinos that are still operating. Online Casino Suite has listed the top ten major casinos with good reputation that one could safely play real money.

In fact, not only does Online Casino Suite give us the top ten casinos currently, we can also read professional reviews of each of these casinos so that we know what to expect when we invest our time and money on each site. Also, we can get all the important information at a glance like bonus, payout, rating and if these casinos accept players from the United States.

In addition, we can also read up on gaming guides for all popular casino games. Obviously, these gaming guides are great for new players but sometimes, even experienced players need to go back to basics so it is good to have these game guides handy.

Equally important is to be in the loop for any news that concerns online gaming. Thanks to Online Casino Suite, we are up-to-date.

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