Baseball Fever

Baseball fever is here and my friends are very excited about watching their favorite teams play. They asked me to tag along but I declined. I tell you, I am scared of the crowd! I always get stressed out looking for parking, that’s why I try my best to avoid places which I know will be packed. Baseball isn’t a good enough excuse for me to brave the parking woes.

However, my friend told me that they are going in two cars, and I can hop on. They already have chicago rooftop tickets uroxatral prices walgreens , which means guaranteed parking spots for their vehicles. I don’t have to worry or get stressed, just enjoy the game. Ah, that’s more like it.

Wow, this sounds so fun! And definitely stress-free! But wait a minute… I don’t really like baseball, don’t understand the game at all. But I know I would enjoy the atmosphere of a live game. It would be really different from watching a live game on television. How?? Shall I go or not?

In any case, this has given me an idea to purchase a parking spot for concerts and other sporting events, if I go attend one in the future. It really takes the hassle away, despite the crowd.

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