Playing Poker Online & Offline

My brother-in-law, who has luck in casino games, told me that he prefer to play online, at the comfort of home, rather than go to a casino. No doubt, whenever he and my sister holiday in Vegas, they always return with their holiday paid for thanks to his luck at the tables, and they even have extra cash.

According to him, the reason he prefers to play online, especially his favorite, poker, is that he doesn’t get distracted as he would, in a real world gaming hall. He could then concentrate on his moves and on winning. In contrast, at a casino, he could get affected by the performance of other players who share his table, or even the noise from tables next to his own.

So it does sound like his winnings are not solely dependent on Lady Luck, huh? I do understand where he is coming from, though. I too get easily distracted and that could make me lose focus, especially noisy chatter from my “neighbors”. Moreover, for someone like me who does not have good luck, it is so much more difficult for me to win. That’s why I have never played in a real gaming hall before, online online.

What about you?

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