Filestork Review

Whilst searching for a reliable online backup service, a friend recommended Dropbox. He said he can’t live without the service because it is just so easy to store and/or transfer files. As a photojournalist, he handles many images, which he has to send to his editor quickly.

I tried out Dropbox and didn’t like using it. I guess I felt that it is not friendly enough, and I don’t like to use services that are complicated. But recently, a friend recommended Filestork, an add-on program for Dropbox users. HHmm I have not heard about it, let alone try it out but I just spent time reading this interesting, in-depth file stork review and feel that I should give it a try.

I really like that I could drag and drop files easily and without hassle. This makes moving files a swift process, making file management an easier task. Also, it is very important to me that files are available online as soon as they are dropped, and it needs no mentioning that they are stored safely and securely.

The most important point is that, as an add-on program to Dropbox, it attaches easily to a Dropbox account. I think I came across something similar earlier that was very troublesome, that’s why I didn’t have a good user experience of Dropbox. Things will definitely improve with Filestork.

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