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Free Letter From Santa Claus

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Image courtesy of Santa Letters

Christmas is just around the corner and parents with young children are fretting, as these kids still believe in the existence of Santa Claus. I would like to think that this jolly guy does exist but I am too realistic.

Well, if you are such a parent and would like to please your kid, click on the link that I have enclosed at the top of this post to generate a letter purportedly from Santa Claus to your kid.

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Send A Call From Santa

Image courtesy of Send A Call From Santa

I discovered this call service a few days ago but was too busy to log about it. I tried it out, though I didn’t click the final submit. While I think it’s quite a unique idea, I don’t know if any kid who knows that Santa Claus doesn’t really exists would be impressed to receive a phone call from Santa Claus.

On the other hand, those who are too young and still believe in Santa Claus would really believe that he will be dropping by with a gift. And this would put pressure on the parents to get that gift that the kid has dreamed of the whole year.

Free Printable Cute Christmas Labels

Image courtesy of Ink Tree Press

Christmas may still be more than a month away and while some of us are only just preparing for Thanksgiving, those of us who love procrastinating should really start preparing for Christmas like NOW.

Here is a great freebie that I found this morning courtesy of Ink Tree Press and can be grabbed from World Label, a website that offers labels. This set of labels for Christmas by Ink Tree Press was done exclusively for World Label.

To get your hands on them, you will have to click on the link to download, and then print them out from your computer. I know, a lot of us don’t really like to “waste” printer ink like this because printing cute stuff off the internet can get pretty addictive but then no “hard copy” of these labels are given away. This should be good enough, thanks to Erin of Ink Tree Press.

Free 2011 Christmas Seals

Images courtesy of American Lung Association

Christmas is still some time away. However, the American Lung Association is giving away free Christmas Seals for 2011, which means that if you request for the free 2011 Christmas seals, you will only receive them next year.

However, if you would like Christmas seals for this year, you will have to make a small donation of US$10 or US$20. If lung diseases are close to your heart, especially lung cancer, why not donate to the American Lung and in the process, receive cute 2010 Christmas seals?

20 Free Christmas Illustrations

Images courtesy of You Work For Them

Now that Halloween is over, we are planning for Christmas already. Yes, there’s still 1.5 months to go to Christmas but it’s time to search for Christmas freebies now.

I came across this blog, You Work For Them, which is a graphics website with a blog, and they do have freebie giveaways all the time. I found it in the back pages of Google search but I am glad to note the quality of their graphic giveaways.

If you are planning something Christmassy, you should check out the twenty free Christmas illustrations from The You Work For Them blog. What a weird name they have. :-)

Celebrating Christmas

Image courtesy of Celebrating Christmas

Christmas may still be three more months to go but if you are planning any Christmas event at you, you should plan early. Just now, as I was looking for a Christmas freebie, I chanced upon this old website called Celebrating Christmas. it looks to me like they offer a free downloadable and printable Christmas magazine yearly. Right now, the 2007 issue is still up on their website. Well, like I said, Christmas 2008 is still three months away.

However, if you would like to get your hands on a copy of the Celebrating Christmas 2008 magazine, you should bookmark the website and check them regularly leading to Christmas. The 2007 copy looks really interesting with plenty of Christmas ideas and I am sure, nobody could have enough Christmas ideas, right?

Write To Santa Claus

Image courtesy of Write To Santa Claus

Christmas is still a long way to come but if you have young children in the house, I am sure you have plenty of things to prepare for the Season. Children nowadays are different from last time when I was a kid. They are more aware of the various celebrations and what to expect on Christmas.

One thing that every kid looks forward to is a visit by Santa Claus. Of course, this is not possible but what about a letter from Santa Claus? A personalized letter would cheer up any child!

Check out Write To Santa Claus and see if you could write a letter to Santa Claus on your child’s behalf and receive a “surprise” reply from Santa Claus this coming Christmas! Aih… the magic of Christmas!