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Win a Copy of Las Vegas Bride Magazine

Images courtesy of Las Vegas Bride

My friend, who is getting married later this year, tipped me off about this contest where we stand to win a copy of Las Vegas Bride magazine. This means that f you are not getting married any time soon, you shouldn’t request for a cop. Just take a look at the form that we are required to fill out and submit, you will understand what I mean!

However, if you are planning a wedding soon, this is probably a good magazine to read, for the ideas, if anything. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you must get married in Las Vegas!

I like it that readers who are interested to win a Las Vegas Bride magazine will only have to send in an entry once. It will be automatically entered into ALL contests that Las Vegas bride runs. Awesome, isn’t it?

Free Real Man Magazine

More often than not, when I come across websites that offer “free magazines”, I am most probably required to fulfill an offer or another. When I was informed of Real Man Magazine, I decided to check it out and to my delight, found that this is an online magazine which we could subscribe to for free with no strings attached. And no, we are not required to disclose our credit card number! Just enter our email address and we could download our very first copy of free Real Man Magazine already.

If you have been reading men’s magazine, I am sure you would have wondered why there are more advertisements than there are interesting articles. With Real Man Magazine, you will be able to read articles men really like; from sports to gaming, from smoking to drinking, from vehicles to gadgets and not forgetting beautiful women.

For a limited time, you will also receive a copy of “A Real Man’s Guide to Preventing a Hangover” upon subscription.

Although this magazine is published with real men in mind, women find it a good read as well. What I like about it is its humor, especially when I least expected it. Check out Real Man Magazine now.

Celebrating Christmas

Image courtesy of Celebrating Christmas

Christmas may still be three more months to go but if you are planning any Christmas event at you, you should plan early. Just now, as I was looking for a Christmas freebie, I chanced upon this old website called Celebrating Christmas. it looks to me like they offer a free downloadable and printable Christmas magazine yearly. Right now, the 2007 issue is still up on their website. Well, like I said, Christmas 2008 is still three months away.

However, if you would like to get your hands on a copy of the Celebrating Christmas 2008 magazine, you should bookmark the website and check them regularly leading to Christmas. The 2007 copy looks really interesting with plenty of Christmas ideas and I am sure, nobody could have enough Christmas ideas, right?