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Digital Scrapbook Presentations with PowerPoint

Image courtesy of Scrapbook Presentations

I am sure if you are a digital scrapbooking hobbyist, you will find that you will never have enough of choices of layouts and embellishments. I have just started this hobby too and I find that I spend way too much time online looking for these freebies! Way more time than I spend on the scrapbook itself. LOL

If you are looking for something more interesting than mere digital scrapbooking, how about scrapbooking with PowerPoint. Today, I feature a website that not only teaches us how to do it but also offers plenty of freebies for us to play around with.

I am sure, after reading the tutorial, you would want to start on your own scrapbooking PowerPoint project. Nevermind, download away. Like I said, they are all free! I am still finding my way around conventional scrapbooking so I will only start this later but I am bookmarking the site for sure!

Digital Freebies

Image courtesy of Digital Freebies

I really love digital scrapbooking, especially if it is used as a website or blog layout. It really is a pity that I do not know how to design something like this myself. This morning, I chanced upon this eCommerce website called Digital Freebies. The layout is very simple but still impressive.

Although Digital Freebies is a commercial website selling digital scrapbooking layouts and elements, the site offers freebies as well. Currently, I can only see two free downloads now but I believe that this is a serious website and more freebies will be added later on. I’ve got it bookmarked already.

Oh, before I forget, check the terms of use first before downloading and using. Complying with the TOS would mean that we get to enjoy even more quality freebies in the future.

Scrapbook Freebies

Image courtesy of Scrapbook Freebies

Although I have featured quite a few websites and blogs that offer digital scrapbooking freebies, I believe I have not featured Scrapbook Freebies before. Well, I did a search of my blog and couldn’t find it, though.

This morning, I came across this Scrapbook Freebies website which I like what they have to offer, from free scrapbook layouts to printable scrapbook pages which I thought that my readers would appreciate as well. As you know, I have a pretty high standard!

Anyway, isn’t it appropriate to feature a scrapbooking freebie website since Christmas is just around the corner and all of us will have so many photos to share? That’s where free scrapbooking pages come in. Hehehe!

Free One-Page Quick Collage Scrapbook Layouts

Image courtesy of Scrapbooks etc.

Although I am not a scrapbook hobbyist, my sister is. One of her major problems is how and where to start a new layout. Well, when she asks me, I have no idea too even though I browse through many scrapbooking websites since I love the freebies that they offer.

One website that I found really helpful for people like my sister is Scrapbooks etc. which offers free one-page quick collage scrapbook layouts. There are a total of 35 different layouts that we could download and use easily.

What I like is that besides offering these freebies to us, there is also a quick guide on how the layouts were used so that we have a better idea on how to make use of the layouts for our own needs. Of course we could make changes and improvise if we are creative enough but if not, these layouts would still turn out great if we use them as is. Enjoy!

Digital Scrapbook Faves

Image courtesy of Digital Scrapbook Faves

I believe I mentioned before that one of the best designed blogs or websites are scrapbooking sites. While designing sites are also great looking, I prefer the colors used in scrapbooking sites. That’s my kind of color; girly, young, fresh and refreshing.

Last night, I remembered that I was supposed to help my sister look for some scrapbooking freebies and ideas. She has just started this hobby and has been doing traditional scrapbooking, which she says is a little costly.

That’s why I suggested helping her look for scrapbooking freebies on the web. There are many, and I have featured quite a few sites before but I don’t remember coming across this Digital Scrapbook Faves before. I absolutely adore the template of this site. It’s so sweet! Check it out! I feel like taking up scrapbooking as well but I definitely cannot spare the time at this point. SIGH!!!