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Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

Image courtesy of Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

If I have been featuring one too many websites that offer digital scrapbooking freebies, I apologize. I really can’t help it, though. I love digital scrapbooking freebies even though I am not a digital scrapbooking hobbyist. I really take my hat off o these designers who are offering their lovely creations for free and I know that readers would love to know of yet another freebie source for quality digital scrapbooking elements.

I tell myself that I would like to pick up this hobby but I really have no creativity at all, even if I may have the time to indulge in a new hobby now. My mind goes blank wondering what to do with all these beautiful digital scrapbooking pages!

If you are making use of these freebies, do drop us a line here so that we could all share in your work.

Scrapbook Freebies

Image courtesy of Scrapbook Freebies

Although I have featured quite a few websites and blogs that offer digital scrapbooking freebies, I believe I have not featured Scrapbook Freebies before. Well, I did a search of my blog and couldn’t find it, though.

This morning, I came across this Scrapbook Freebies website which I like what they have to offer, from free scrapbook layouts to printable scrapbook pages which I thought that my readers would appreciate as well. As you know, I have a pretty high standard!

Anyway, isn’t it appropriate to feature a scrapbooking freebie website since Christmas is just around the corner and all of us will have so many photos to share? That’s where free scrapbooking pages come in. Hehehe!

Beautiful Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

Image courtesy of Retrodiva Designs

I know I have already featured way too many websites that offer digital scrapbooking freebies. But what to do when the stuff I come across gets better and better?

This isn’t to say that the old websites that I feature are no longer good. In fact, I believe most webmasters do update their sites fairly regularly too because they are passionate about their craft.

Retrodiva Designs, if you click on the link I have provided, has an awesome range of freebies, I tell you, even though I am not a digital scrapbooker, I feel like downloading them all!

Check them out if you have been looking for digital scrapbooking freebies. These are just so beautiful words fail me! As a reminder, read the terms of use first before downloading and do make sure to provide credit where it is due.

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

Image courtesy of Scrappy Freebies

I was surfing around for digital scrapbooking freebies when I chanced upon Scrappy Freebies. I am not sure if I wrote about them before. It looks like I have never came across this site before but I absolutely love the header!

I think that scrapbooking websites and blogs generally have one of the best layouts and I wish that I am as creative as these people but too bad I know nothing about turning my own blogs and websites into such artistic fair.

Scrappy Freebies offers plenty of scrapbooking freebies, you just have to pick and choose! They are all awesome, I tell you. I am not sure if the owner makes any of these herself but most of these were scoured from the web which just means that we don’t have to. Wheeee!