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Free Wordoku Puzzles

Image courtesy of Vegard Hanssen

I have to admit, I am never good with numbers. A couple of years ago, my sister introduced me to the Japanese number puzzle called Sudoku. I tried to play it but could only solve the easiest puzzles, giving up on the more difficult puzzles.

This morning, I discovered something called Wordoku. This is similar to Sudoku, except that we use letters to form words, unlike Sudoku which does not make sense to me at all. Hehe!

If you would like to try your hand and brains on Wordoku puzzles, bookmark http://www.menneske.no/wordoku/eng/ where Vegard Hanssen has generated more than five hundred THOUSAND printable Wordoku puzzles! That’s an amazing database he has there. Check it out and let me know if you prefer solving Sudoku or Wordoku puzzles custom essays . Each puzzle comes with a solution so don’t worry! 😀

Solve Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Image courtesy of Jig Zone

While browsing around looking for freebies, I chanced upon this website called Jig Zone that provides us with free online jigsaw puzzles. There is a good selection of jigsaw puzzles with different levels of difficulty and we could even time our solve times.

I didn’t have time to check out the site thoroughly yet because one would need Java applet installed on the computer in order to render the puzzles and I do not have Java installed on this desktop computer.

Anyway, I think that the jigsaw puzzles on Jig Zone would be suitable for children and adults alike. I remember how I loved solving jigsaws when I was a kid, though I only had one puzzle but I played it over and over again. Right now, I am so delighted to know that we could actually play jigsaw puzzles online!

Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Image courtesy of Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles

My sister introduced Sudoku, a Japanese puzzle, to me some time back. She says she is addicted to solving them. Me, I gave up after a while. I am never good with numbers. Heck, I can’t even spell Sudoku right. Sometimes, I may think that it is Sodoku and sometimes even Sukodo. Whatever it is, I HAVE GIVEN UP!

My sister asked me to help her find free printable Sudoku, which I did. She says she is not going to buy these puzzles books [yes she is as cheapo as I am] and neither does she the time to stick at the computer just to play Sudoku online. I guess there’s where our lifestyle differs!

Anyway, I found it for her and decided to share it with you! Check out the link for free printable Sudoko puzzles! The only problem is that… hmmm…. solutions are not provided. Or at least I could not find any!