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Free Wordoku Puzzles

Image courtesy of Vegard Hanssen

I have to admit, I am never good with numbers. A couple of years ago, my sister introduced me to the Japanese number puzzle called Sudoku. I tried to play it but could only solve the easiest puzzles, giving up on the more difficult puzzles.

This morning, I discovered something called Wordoku. This is similar to Sudoku, except that we use letters to form words, unlike Sudoku which does not make sense to me at all. Hehe!

If you would like to try your hand and brains on Wordoku puzzles, bookmark http://www.menneske.no/wordoku/eng/ where Vegard Hanssen has generated more than five hundred THOUSAND printable Wordoku puzzles! That’s an amazing database he has there. Check it out and let me know if you prefer solving Sudoku or Wordoku puzzles custom essays . Each puzzle comes with a solution so don’t worry! 😀