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Free Childrens’ Stories Audio Books

Image courtesy of Great Little Trading Co.

I have been looking for audio books lately because that’s the only way that I could “read” story books. I used to read a lot but now I face the computer the whole day long, it’s not easy to read anymore, so I prefer to use my ears now.

It’s not easy to look for quality audio books and I have not been very successful. If you have children, though, here are a 7 great audio children stories that you could download for free. Just click on the link that I have enclosed at the top of this post.

All these seven titles are in three different audio file formats, WMA, AAC and MP3. You can also know beforehand the run-time of each file. If you have problems downloading these files, let me know. And enjoy!

Free Audio Books For Youths

Image courtesy of Sync Audio File Magazine

I love reading but had to stop reading because I became too attached to the computer and internet. A lot of my work is web based so I don’t even have time to hold a book anymore since most of the stuff I read are available online.

And then I discovered the joys of audio books. Good quality audio books are not easy to find though but today, I have the luck to come across Sync, a website that offers for free downloads, audio books targeted at youths, beginning Summer 2010.

These audio books, in MP3 format, will become available beginning 1st July until 1st September, 2010. Bookmark the link I have enclosed in this post and grab classic book titles like Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley when they become available.

Free Audio Books

Image courtesy of Audio Books For Free

I love reading but since discovering the internet, I no longer have the time in books. The problem is that besides the lack of time, as a blogger, my fingers are kept so busy, I could not hold a book to read.

However, I could listen to audio books, right? That was why I was so delighted to discover this awesome website called Audio Books For Free, which has an amazing collection of free audio books.

As I understand, these audio books are free. However, if you require these books to be of exceptional audio quality, you could pay for it. Also, if you require these to be on CD, you could purchase it off the website itself, or on eBay.

I think this is a great option because some people may want just free audio books while some would prefer quality audio books even if they have to pay for them. Me, just freebies, please. Awesome!