Free Latino Recipes

Image courtesy of Goya Food Inc.

I started a recipe blog earlier this week and when I showed it to my friend, he asked me where I copied those recipes from. Hey, I did not copy them from anywhere but what I did was just transfer these recipes from my collection of recipes that I have collected through the years.

In my collection, I have plenty of recipe cards, recipe booklets and recipes that I have clipped from newspapers and magazines. I also have plenty of hand-written recipes that were passed down from my grandmother.

For the purpose of this post, I decided to look for a recipe website. For a change from the kind of recipes that are in my collection, I decided to check out something different which led me to the website of Goya Food Inc.

Here is one of the most comprehensive databases of Latino recipes. Gosh, just looking at the food photos has made me hungry! If you would like to try something different, check out the website of Goya. I am sure preparing them would be a challenge!

Freaky Freddie’s Funhouse Games

Image courtesy of Freaky Freddie’s

Who does not love a free game now and then, especially when the game has prize money up for grabs? I have known of Freaky Freddie’s for a long time now but I just found out that they have a game portal that dispenses cash prizes I was a little surprise that last month, they already gave a way slightly more than US$100,000. Hhmmm I want a piece of that action, I tell you!

From what I see, they have two type of games on their site; Money Wheel and Banko. These are web-based no-download games. Must as I would like to play and win myself some cool cash, it looks like Freaky Freddie’s Funhouse Games are only for residents of the United States. Oh well, rules are rules.

If you are in the United States, why not try your luck? How cool is it to get money just plying games?

Make Money By Blogging

Posts on opportunities that pay us to blog are always looked forward to. Although I have known of Snapbomb for a little while already, I did not post on the company yet because I wanted to try and see if they are genuine. Well, I would like to announce that I have already received my first payment from Snapbomb so I am ready to let everyone know that this is yet another avenue for bloggers to earn a little money just by blogging. Cool!

I think that it is great that as bloggers, we get to create buzz for a company, its product, service or website and get compensated for it. How much we get paid depends very much on the traffic and page views to our blog and the reading is pretty accurate since we have to embed a script on out template. To get the maximum from Snapbomb, a fair price blog advertising marketplace, keep your traffic coming in and you will be paid accordingly.

From what I can see, blog advertising will continue to grow so check out Snapbomb if you would like to make some money just by blogging.

Free Mobile Community

Image courtesy of

Somebody was asking where to find Blackberry freebies. Well, I don’t own a Blackberry, only a Nokia E61i and Apple iPhone so I do not know but I am interested in anything related to gadgetry and mobile devices.

This morning, in my search for Blackberry freebies, I was directed to the website of This is a mobile community site that members can share their mobile pictures, videos, wallpapers, ring tones, games and other apps.

Members can also set up a mobile blog or chat room in a jiffy. It also allows members to share their web cam. I have been to many similar mobile community sites and this looks like a pretty comprehensive site, providing various ways for members to interact.

Free 2GB Online Storage

Image courtesy of DIINO

It’s been a while since I knew about DIINO, a free online storage service. Well, if you are online as much as I am, it’s hard to miss their colourful advertising banners, what more when pink is my favourite colour!

Although DIINO is not the one and only website that provides free online storage service, when it is free, I LIKE! I figure that since websites like these do not provide too much storage space, the more accounts you have with various online storage providers, the more stuff you can upload to your accounts and storage your not-so-important files online so that you can access them wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the internet.

As for me, I love to store my media online so that if anything happens to my hard disk, I would still be able to get hold of them, without having to rip my CDs again, or download them *ahem*

Fantastic Prizes From Virgin Radio

Image courtesy of Virgin Radio

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, then here’s good news for you. Know you I normally do not write about a competition that is only available for ONE country or ONE region but I try to only feature contests and freebies that are available to most people wherever they are.

Today, when my search for freebies brought me to the website of the UK-based Virgin Radio, I decided that I have to blog about them even though these competitions are only available for UK residents. Well, that’s because the prizes up for grabs fantastic.

So, yes, if you are in the UK, you just have to check out the website of Virgin Radio and try to win those killer prizes. Good luck to ya!

Free Downloadable Knitting Patterns

Image courtesy of Yarn Forward

A few of my friends are very good with knitting. Well, I do admit that I attempted to knit before but I never had a proper teacher so my knots are always loose and I end up with something that is good to look at but can’t really wear or use because it could unravel at any time.

A friend offered to teach me but I do not have the time to play with yarns, needles and patterns and neither do at I have patience at this point in my life. However, when I chanced upon this site, Yarn Forward, I thought I would feature it on my blog.

Yarn Forward provides free downloadable patterns for people who love to knit or just learning to knit. They do have a few patterns that they say are good for beginners but they do look pretty complex to me!

Well, check out Yarn Forward to see if there is any pattern that you could use. Maybe you can start a new knitting project from their patterns.