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I mentioned a couple of weeks back that one of my sister’s favorite casino games is the slots. To me, slots are an easy, no-brainer game. There is no skills or brains to use and depends heavily on luck, though I must admit that I was pretty surprised by the vide variety of slot games.

Today, I found out that there’s this website called Monkey Slots which has dedicated a page to casinos that have free slot machines where we could just play for free, though I am not sure if players would have the charge to win cash and other bonuses. I understand that this page is updated regularly so if free slots are what you have been looking for, you need not look further. Just bookmark Monkey Slots.

I can’t wait to let me sister know about Monkey Slots. I also found out about Tomb Raider Slots from Monkey Slots too and being a big fan of Lara Croft, I might just play this!

Besides up-to-date information on free slots, Monkey Slots are also tipping us off with free Blackjack games. Check out Monkey Slots if you are looking for free casino games. You don’t always have to bet real cash in an online casino, you know?

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