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Acoustic Guitar Care & Playing Tips

Image courtesy of Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips

Did you know, a long time ago, we had a guitar. My sister wanted to learn to play it so our dad bought it for her. Turned out that her fingers were too short, especially her pinkie, and that we should have bought a smaller guitar, for beginners.

The guitar collected dust in our room and was eventually sold. I did want to learn it but nobody put me through classes. I tried to pick up what I could from books but soon lost interest.

Now, I come across a site like Guitar Man’s Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips and wished that I still have my guitar with me. No, I will not be buying another guitar just to learn it though, because I know that I will never have the patience, unless I go to music school and follow a fixed module.

However, if you have the discipline to learn guitar by yourself, or already know a little and just need extra guidance, do check out Guitar Man’s Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips.