Getting To Know Poker Better

Although I have wanted to play Poker well for a long time now, it is difficult without guidance. None of my friends would teach me because they think a girl should not play Poker. It’s as if it’s a male sport. They have forgotten that there are female Poker champions as well!

You’d probably remember that my interest in Poker started after watching a drama a couple of years ago. Since then, I only had the opportunity to play poker online and losing badly. Luckily, there are free online poker games for me to test my “skills”, if any.

Even though I may not play well, I do dream that one day, I could play in a proper online Poker room and not get trashed. So far, I have read Poker room reviews which seem interesting but not daring to try them out yet.

Also, I only recently just discovered that there are Poker forums which I could participate in. That sounds like fun. I love forums and the sense of community they forge, particularly when we all share the same interest be it in Poker or something else. I should spend more time in Poker boards and probably pick up some Poker tips and tricks and implement them in my game, instead of just reading Poker books or watching Poker videos. Don’t you agree?

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