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Free T-Shirt From Globe

Image courtesy of Globe.TV

I love free t-shirts! I used to collect t-shirts when I was in high school, though not all of them were free. I bought them and didn’t want to wear them! LOL Then one day, I just decided to stop collecting and wore every one of them!

If you love free t-shirts, Australian company, Globe Int. Ltd., manufacturer of surf and skateboard apparel and footwear, is giving away free t-shirts. To get your hands on one, just click on the link that I have provided at the top of this post, fill in the form and select your t-shirt size. The code to use is LMFAO, whatever that means. Well, as long as it works!

I figure this freebie is only available to Australian residents so tough luck for the rest of us. If you are in Australia, don’t miss this!

Free Big Heart Baby Adult-Size T-Shirt

Images courtesy of Big Heart Baby

I love free t-shirts. Perhaps t-shirts are one of the most practical freebies out there. I have a lot of promotional t-shirts but this does not mean that I always wear them out of the house. You know, I have the thinking that if I were to wear a free t-shirt out of the house, then I should get paid for it and not only receive a free t-shirt, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, to get your hands on this free “Big Heart Baby” t-shirt in adult size, just “like” their page on Facebook. You can find their Facebook “like” button just below the image of the free t-shirt. Click on it if you are already a registered with Facebook. You would also have to log in to your account for it to work. Be quick though, as only the first 1000 fans would be put in the draw.

Free Fat Boned T-shirt

Images courtesy of Fat Boned

I am not a skateboarder but when I chanced upon this website, Fat Boned, I was delighted because my friend has a few sons who are avid skateboarders who represent the State in skateboarding competitions.

I thought that I will let them know about this new community website for skateboarders so that they could mingle with skateboarders from around the world and learn something new from them, share ideas, thoughts and also tricks!

Fat Boned is giving away free t-shirts to users who are willing to test their website that is now in Beta. If you would like an invite, you are required to fill out a form to request for one. I guess if you are one of the lucky people to be selected, you will receive a free t-shirt.

It is not stated if this freebie is available worldwide but if you are outside the United States, there’s no harm trying, right?

Win Free T-Shirts From Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

While searching for Halloween costume ideas, I chanced upon this online store called Crazy Dog T-Shirts. This store sells more than crazy t-shirts as I found their wide selection of hot Halloween costumes. Halloween may be quite some time away but I am feeling the pressure of coming up with something different, perhaps an attention grabbing costume that would be the talk of the party.

Crazy Dog T-shirts has a wide variety of womens Halloween costumes that are being sold from US$40 – US$70 which I think is really affordable since it’s a once a year affair. After browsing through their costumes, I am having a difficult time deciding on which costume to get for my Halloween party!

With up to sixteen different adult Halloween costumes from Sexy Kitty costume to Ghostbusters Girls costume, Snow White costume, Tin Woman costume, Sexy Spider costume and even Candy Corn Witch costume for women and Mario and Scarface costumes for men, among others, Halloween party goers will surely be tempted to get all of them!

Meanwhile, as you decide on the Halloween costume to dress in this coming Halloween, opt in to the Crazy Dogs T-shirts mailing list to stand a chance to win a Crazy Dog t-shirt. Don’t we all just love freebies?

Free T-Shirt!

Who does not love freebies? I love them but it is just too bad, yet again, that this free t-shirt offer is only valid in the United States, Canada and European Union. Bah! How come all the goodies are not available here? I think I need to migrate LOL

Image courtesy of Perpster.com

If you are in any of the above-mentioned countries then you may want to grab this offer. This freebie is only available one per household. Those who are outside of the United States may be required to pay for shipping. It shouldn’t be too expensive, I guess.

Has anyone already received their free t-shirt from this website yet? Please do let us know! Thanks!

Free Banana Hockey T-Shirt / Cap

Image courtesy of Banana Hockey

While randomly surfing looking for freebies, like I always do when I have some free time on the computer, I chanced upon this freebie giveaway from Banana Hockey.

It looks to me like Banana Hockey is a yet to launch online store that retails in hockey apparel and accessories but I could be wrong.

All I am interested in is their promise of a free Banana Hockey t-shirt or cap by just signing up with them. Is a FREE T-shirt or a FREE cap good enough reason for you to sign up to their mailing list? If it is, then get in their list right now before they launch in 12 days’ time!

Free Corporate Imprints T-Shirt

Image courtesy of Corporate Imprints

Corporate Imprints is a company that specialises in custom printing t-shirts, caps and other promotional items for corporations and sports teams. It must be fun working here!

Corporate Imprints is trying to build their mailing list database and as an incentive to you for registering with them as receiving regular updates on discounts, specials and promotions, Corporate Imprints is giving you a t-shirt. How about that? I think it’s a good deal! To claim your t-shirt, just send an email to Corporate Imprints with your mailing address and the t-shirt size of your choice. That’s it! Just kick back and wait for the postman!

It’s not stated if this is offer is available in the United States only or worldwide but you can try your luck!