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Free T-Shirt From Climberism

Image courtesy of Climberism

Here is a free t-shirt offer from Climberism, a magazine for climbers. Well, we just want the freebie, right? You’ll have to do some work in order to claim your free t-shirt, though.

First, you would need to subscribe to the website. Then, you will be emailed a referral code, which you will have to use to refer five people. If your contacts use your referral code, you will get credit for it so make sure they use it.

You will receive your free t-shirt from Climberism once your have five people subscribing to the website. Let me know if this works for you.

Free T-Shirt!

Who does not love freebies? I love them but it is just too bad, yet again, that this free t-shirt offer is only valid in the United States, Canada and European Union. Bah! How come all the goodies are not available here? I think I need to migrate LOL

Image courtesy of Perpster.com

If you are in any of the above-mentioned countries then you may want to grab this offer. This freebie is only available one per household. Those who are outside of the United States may be required to pay for shipping. It shouldn’t be too expensive, I guess.

Has anyone already received their free t-shirt from this website yet? Please do let us know! Thanks!

Free Corporate Imprints T-Shirt

Image courtesy of Corporate Imprints

Corporate Imprints is a company that specialises in custom printing t-shirts, caps and other promotional items for corporations and sports teams. It must be fun working here!

Corporate Imprints is trying to build their mailing list database and as an incentive to you for registering with them as receiving regular updates on discounts, specials and promotions, Corporate Imprints is giving you a t-shirt. How about that? I think it’s a good deal! To claim your t-shirt, just send an email to Corporate Imprints with your mailing address and the t-shirt size of your choice. That’s it! Just kick back and wait for the postman!

It’s not stated if this is offer is available in the United States only or worldwide but you can try your luck!

Free Pet Style T-Shirt

Image courtesy of Pet Style

A couple of days ago, I got myself a free customized t-shirt and suddenly became obsessed with FREE T-SHIRTS. I searched all over the internet and chanced upon this free t-shirt from Pet Style.

According to the website, only new registrants from 27th July, 2007 to 9th August, 2007 will qualify for a t-shirt, as shown in the picture, or while stocks last. Unfortunately, this special offer is only available for US residents. While I normally only like to feature international freebies, I am a pet lover and this is a great site.

Moreover, this site has many free and cute animal ecards. These animal cards are of real animal pictures, which I like. Check them out, and send me one? 😀