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T-Shirt Contest

Image courtesy of Writing Reflections

I came across this t-shirt contest just this morning. To say that it’s a “t-shirt contest” is not that accurate because there are five prizes up for grabs; 4 t-shirts and one tote bag.

What you need to do is to select the prize you would like to win and then leave a comment on the blog post and share why you would like to win the prize. According to the blog post, you need to be creative. Sigh, that’s why I didn’t participate!

If you are creative with words, this is a good chance to try to win one of the prizes. Contest ends 1st February, 2011. Plenty of time, so put on your thinking caps!

Win Free T-Shirts From Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

While searching for Halloween costume ideas, I chanced upon this online store called Crazy Dog T-Shirts. This store sells more than crazy t-shirts as I found their wide selection of hot Halloween costumes. Halloween may be quite some time away but I am feeling the pressure of coming up with something different, perhaps an attention grabbing costume that would be the talk of the party.

Crazy Dog T-shirts has a wide variety of womens Halloween costumes that are being sold from US$40 – US$70 which I think is really affordable since it’s a once a year affair. After browsing through their costumes, I am having a difficult time deciding on which costume to get for my Halloween party!

With up to sixteen different adult Halloween costumes from Sexy Kitty costume to Ghostbusters Girls costume, Snow White costume, Tin Woman costume, Sexy Spider costume and even Candy Corn Witch costume for women and Mario and Scarface costumes for men, among others, Halloween party goers will surely be tempted to get all of them!

Meanwhile, as you decide on the Halloween costume to dress in this coming Halloween, opt in to the Crazy Dogs T-shirts mailing list to stand a chance to win a Crazy Dog t-shirt. Don’t we all just love freebies?

Pride Golf Tee Sample

Image courtesy of Pride Golf Tee Company

Don’t ask me what is so nice about playing golf because I don’t get it. Maybe it is because I never had the chance to try it out. I know of quite a few guys who can’t wait for Sundays so that they could spend the whole three hitting the ball with their buddies, neglecting their family.

Maybe it is men’s nature to want to “score” hehe 😀

Anyway, here’s a freebie sample from Pride Golf Tee Company. Fill out the form to receive a free tee. They did say it is a sample so I am uncertain if they are giving a WHOLE tee or just a swatch hehehe I won’t know because I am not going to request for one. I thought that since I am not a golfing fan, I am going to give this chance to others.

As usual, I would love to hear from you if you have requested for one through my post and received it. It would make my day. Thanks in advance and good luck!