Free Banana Hockey T-Shirt / Cap

Image courtesy of Banana Hockey

While randomly surfing looking for freebies, like I always do when I have some free time on the computer, I chanced upon this freebie giveaway from Banana Hockey.

It looks to me like Banana Hockey is a yet to launch online store that retails in hockey apparel and accessories but I could be wrong.

All I am interested in is their promise of a free Banana Hockey t-shirt or cap by just signing up with them. Is a FREE T-shirt or a FREE cap good enough reason for you to sign up to their mailing list? If it is, then get in their list right now before they launch in 12 days’ time!

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3 thoughts on “Free Banana Hockey T-Shirt / Cap

  1. Mandy

    There are many legit and great free sites all over the web. However, I do not believe to be a good one. Their website has been anticiapting a “grand opening” for two months now. Each month the timer resets its self after it hits 0. I think this is a good phishers way of getting IP addresses and personal information. Just beware of your sites you visit and look for inconsistancies.

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