Free T-Shirt From Globe

Image courtesy of Globe.TV

I love free t-shirts! I used to collect t-shirts when I was in high school, though not all of them were free. I bought them and didn’t want to wear them! LOL Then one day, I just decided to stop collecting and wore every one of them!

If you love free t-shirts, Australian company, Globe Int. Ltd., manufacturer of surf and skateboard apparel and footwear, is giving away free t-shirts. To get your hands on one, just click on the link that I have provided at the top of this post, fill in the form and select your t-shirt size. The code to use is LMFAO, whatever that means. Well, as long as it works!

I figure this freebie is only available to Australian residents so tough luck for the rest of us. If you are in Australia, don’t miss this!

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