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ZhuZhu Pets Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Image courtesy of ZhuZhu

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and although it is usually celebrated between boyfriend-girlfriend or spouses, it can also be celebrated between parent and child. If your child loves ZhuZhu Pets, I have a link for you which leads you to print out cute ZhuZhu Pets Valentine’s Day cards. There are a total of six cards, print one or print them all! Cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!

Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

Image courtesy of Fonts & Things

I believe I have written about Fonts & Things before but since it’s Valentine’s Day soon, I decided to feature them again because they have an awesome selection of fonts especially for Valentine’s Day.

If you have been planning a personalized Valentine’s Day gift or project, you should check out these free Valentine’s Day fonts in various colours, that would surely be suitable for whatever you have in mind.

Besides fonts in letters, there are also heart shaped and kiss dingbats. Oh, although most of these fonts are freebies, do take note that there may be some which are actually shareware. Do check first before downloading.

Valentine’s Day Screensavers & Wallpapers

Image courtesy of ScreenSavers.com

It’s Valentine’s Day and what have I found for you? It’s Valentine’s Day screensavers and wallpaper from ScreenSavers.com, the leader in screensavers and desktop wallpapers!

What do I like about Valentine’s Day? It’s all the pink and red colours. I just love them. Personally, I do not use screensavers because I am ALWAYS required to look at the screen, there is no chance at all to use any screensavers.

However, I do change my desktop wallpaper regularly. Since my computer is switched on almost the whole day and night, I love sprucing up my desktop with a different image and surprise myself when I first turn on the computer monitor. Sometimes, I don’t even remember that I have new wallpaper, that’s why!

The only thing I do not like about downloading wallpaper from ScreenSavers.com is the toolbar they force us to install and a desktop shortcut to an affiliate. Aw… come on, I am sure they can provide these to us totally free?