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Thanksgiving Blog Contest

Image courtesy of Dot Com Dud

The Dot Com Dud dropped me a message via EntreCard, through which account, I could hardly tell since I have quite a few blogs in a few accounts.

Anyway, the Dot Com Dud is running a Thanksgiving Contest where three winners will get to walk away with cash prices of US$25 each, 125 x 125 advertising spots and other prize packages with free blog template and logo set. Just what a blogger needs, right?

If you are interested to try your luck, you just need to subscribe to the blog of Dot Com Dud by email. Yes, that’s all. Latest day to submit your entries is 10th December, 2008. The winner will be declared on 11th December, 2008. Get your PayPal ready to receive US$25 cash! :)

Monetize Your Blog With Buxr

If you own a blog, most probably you have been trying various ways to earn a little pocket money. I know I have and some of them worked out for me, most of them did not, unfortunately.

I believe as a webmaster, you know that it is the current trend to place widgets on your blogs or websites but have you heard of the Buxr shopping deals widget? If you have not, then you really should check them out at their website, http://www.buxr.com.

The two guys behind Buxr.com are experts when it comes to bargain hunting. What they do with all these leads is to channel them to the Buxr widget that you have placed on your site so that your visitors can check out these deals and make a bargain purchase.

What will you get for placing this widget on your site?

Just by signing up with Buxr, you will be credited with US$10. When your visitors make a purchase through your widget, you will get a share of the commission. The quantum, though, varies according to the different merchants. You can cash out your monies once your have collected a minimum of US$20.

The Buxr widget can be placed on most types of blogs, particularly shopping blogs. Because all merchants featured on Buxr are American retailers, the downside is that this program will only bring in the money for you if you have a high volume of targeted traffic from the United States. Therefore, if your website or blog is hosted in America, or if the majority of your visitors are from the United States, then you should try Buxr out.

Get Paid For Your Media

If your blogs have been smacked like mine this past week, it’s time to look for other online money making revenues. You can, of course, start more blogs, but I already have more than ten and I am no longer interested in nurturing blogs. I need another avenue to showcase my creativity *ahem*

Actually, I was all ready to scour the internet for money making opportunities and in fact have found a handful but I am not that interested to invest time in those ventures. Coincidentally, I was told of a Fuuny Video and picture site that pays the owner $0.50 per thousand views. At first, I thought that this is a low rate but if you consider that there are 170,000 unique visitors to the website at http://www.flonker.com daily, then this $0.50 just adds up, provided you have a killer video or photo, of course!

According to Flonker, there are already more than 4500 people getting paid already. I won’t deny that one of the factors that make me hesitate about participating into online money making sites is their authenticity, the rate of revenue and the doubt if I would ever be paid. But if you check Flonker and its database of media, I believe that thousands of people can’t be wrong!

Now, I am going to dig out my camera and start clicking!

Play Trivia Games Online For Cash

If you have been following my blogs, you would know that I play a lot of online games but those point and shoot games could only challenge my mind that much! A friend started me on playing trivia and quizzes and I can say that they are totally addictive. So far, I have tried quite a few trivia sites but most of them only give me virtual points that are practically worthless.

Just now, I was introduced to a website called Trivia On Net which you could check out at http://www.triviaonnet.com. Now, playing trivia games here is a hundred times more challenging because you would be playing for money with $10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs every day.

I think that anyone could have a fair shot at the cash prizes because there are so many different trivia rooms here, including entertainment, music, sports and popular TV trivia, to cater to a wide section of people no matter where their interest lie.

By registering with them, you will receive a $2 sign up bonus instantly and on your first deposit, you will be credited with a 50% bonus on your deposit up to a maximum of $500. That is a lot of money and if you want to try winning some cash, this is a good chance to sign up and fund that account. You can also play for free and sharpen your mind before you play for real money!

IHT Survey Prize Drawing For £500

Image courtesy of International Herald Tribune

I received an invitation from the International Herald Tribune to participate in their new survey. I am on their mailing because I opted in when I participated in a previous survey. The reason I opted in is because IHT has very interesting surveys occasionally and the prize draws are always very attractive.

This time, IHT is holding a drawing for £500 prize draw. Is that attractive enough? That’s almost $3500 in my currency, Ringgit, and all for answering a survey which takes five to ten minutes at the most to complete.

If you are not yet on their mailing list, I think you should be. We don’t want to miss out on chances like this, do we?

Ca$h In Your Inbox

My friend told me that he has just joined a new program that is supposed to pay members to pay games, participate in surveys, complete offers, go shopping and even get paid to read emails. Can you imagine getting paid anything from 1 – 10 cents for reading all those unsolicited emails sitting in your Inbox right now? Except that with Inbox Dollars, you will be paid for reading solicited emails. How awesome could that be?

What I am looking forward to is to get paid to play games and shop. These are just right up my alley. I am already doing these so what is wrong in getting compensated for doing what I already love doing?

Anyway, the internet is such a gold mine that if we can’t earn from one place, there are other avenues as long as we explore and give other programs a chance.

I am going to ask my sister to sign up and see what happens 😀

Win $50 Playing Cow Patty Bingo

Image courtesy of Bloggrrl

You may wonder what is Cow Patty Bingo. Well, you don’t even have to know WHAT it is as long as you know HOW to play it! To participate in Bloggrrl’s Cow Patty Bingo, you will need to give this Cow Patty Bingo a buzz on your own blog, linking to the contest page so that everyone else can join in the fun.

That will get you one entry into the sweepstakes though!

To increase your chances, just mention your favorite Bloggrrl post. My personal favorite is 11 Mistakes Your Blog Makes In Bed. Linking to Bloggrrl’s contest and your favorite Bloggrrl post will get your TWO entries into the sweepstakes. I believe you can enter as many times as you wish as long as you submit original posts in different blogs.

The winner of the Cow Patty Bingo will win $50 to be paid via PayPal. I love contests like these. Cash prizes and open to the world. What more can a contest freak ask for?