Win $50 Playing Cow Patty Bingo

Image courtesy of Bloggrrl

You may wonder what is Cow Patty Bingo. Well, you don’t even have to know WHAT it is as long as you know HOW to play it! To participate in Bloggrrl’s Cow Patty Bingo, you will need to give this Cow Patty Bingo a buzz on your own blog, linking to the contest page so that everyone else can join in the fun.

That will get you one entry into the sweepstakes though!

To increase your chances, just mention your favorite Bloggrrl post. My personal favorite is 11 Mistakes Your Blog Makes In Bed. Linking to Bloggrrl’s contest and your favorite Bloggrrl post will get your TWO entries into the sweepstakes. I believe you can enter as many times as you wish as long as you submit original posts in different blogs.

The winner of the Cow Patty Bingo will win $50 to be paid via PayPal. I love contests like these. Cash prizes and open to the world. What more can a contest freak ask for?

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