Monetize Your Blog With Buxr

If you own a blog, most probably you have been trying various ways to earn a little pocket money. I know I have and some of them worked out for me, most of them did not, unfortunately.

I believe as a webmaster, you know that it is the current trend to place widgets on your blogs or websites but have you heard of the Buxr shopping deals widget? If you have not, then you really should check them out at their website,

The two guys behind are experts when it comes to bargain hunting. What they do with all these leads is to channel them to the Buxr widget that you have placed on your site so that your visitors can check out these deals and make a bargain purchase.

What will you get for placing this widget on your site?

Just by signing up with Buxr, you will be credited with US$10. When your visitors make a purchase through your widget, you will get a share of the commission. The quantum, though, varies according to the different merchants. You can cash out your monies once your have collected a minimum of US$20.

The Buxr widget can be placed on most types of blogs, particularly shopping blogs. Because all merchants featured on Buxr are American retailers, the downside is that this program will only bring in the money for you if you have a high volume of targeted traffic from the United States. Therefore, if your website or blog is hosted in America, or if the majority of your visitors are from the United States, then you should try Buxr out.

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