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Paper Craft Ideas

Image courtesy of Dee’s Paper Tree

This morning, I stumbled upon this blog of Deanna Woodland and am so impressed, I going to feature her blog here even though I am not exactly sure if she gives out freebies. Honestly, I couldn’t find any.

However, for people who are into paper craft, especially those who are not so good, they should check out Dee’s Paper Tree for inspiration and ideas. Let me tell you, even though I don’t indulge in paper craft myself, though I have dreamed of doing so, looking at Dee’s designs makes me want to start a paper craft hobby too!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy Dee’s paper craft creations as much as I do!

Free Download & Print Paper Craft

Image courtesy of LollyChops

I was quite lucky to stumble upon this blog called Lolly Chops. The writer has so kindly offered a variety of printable crafts for us to download, print and fold accordingly. There are many items available from gift packaging, gift tags, gift paper, note cards, recipe cards, labels, tags, etc, just to name a few.

All of these are original designs created by the author herself and I am so envious of her creativity! If I could do this half as well as her, I would be very happy. Still, I feel very happy just browsing through the stuff that are available here.

Do keep in mind though that these are all printer ink intensive! If you are going to print these out, you may as well invest on good quality paper and ink so that you don’t waste your resources. Enjoy!

Free Paper Animation Kits

Image courtresy of Flying Pig

I remember writing about the Flying Pig website awhile back. I don’t exactly remember when but since then, I believe there are new paper animation kits added to the website.

If you are someone who loves craft, this is a great hobby to take up. Of course, after running out of the free animation paper kits, you would have to buy them, LOL, or look for another website that provides similar paper animation kits. Haha!

Personally, I think that these paper animation kits are very cute and would be a great activity for children. However, I just won’t know where to keep all my craftwork! Perhaps I will give them away one day.