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Free Web Graphics

Image courtesy of GraphicFreebies.com

As a cheap0 webmaster, I am always on the look out for free graphics that I could use on my sites and blogs. Some people think that we should not use free graphics and risk looking like another website and if we are serious with our sites, we should custom design our graphics.

Well, I am fine with free graphics and do not see the need to spend money unnecessarily when we can get plenty of graphics for free.

My latest discovery is GraphicFreebies.com. HHmm if you are planning to use any of their graphics, though, you will need to check out their terms of use. Basically, you are not allowed to profit from their free graphics, you can only use them on non-commercial sites and you will have to provide a link back to FreeGraphics.com

Also, like all free graphic sites you cannot hotlink images from the site. Enjoy!