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Free Quality Vectors & Desktop Wallpapers

Image courtesy of Pink Moustache

I chanced upon this blog this morning called Pink Moustache. I thought that it’s rather an odd name to have for a blog. The funnier thing is that this blog is owned by a lady! Why would anyone want to use the word “moustache” as a blog name? Funny, right?

Jesting about the name aside, I am sure the owner has a very valid reason for it, the freebies here are awesome! Besides vectors and web graphics, you can also find wallpapers of all standard sizes, including 1920×1080, just the size that I am looking for!

If you have time to spare, it is worth going through the designs that are available on Pink Moustache. These are freebies and best of all, these are also available for commercial use too! Enjoy!

Free Templates, Layouts & Web Graphics

Image courtesy of Layout Shack

I have a habit of searching the web for free web templates and layouts whenever I am free. It doesn’t mean that I would make use of them because I am so lazy to make changes to my websites and blogs but I just love to see the new stuff that are available.

This morning, I chanced upon this website called Layout Shack. This website offers free MySpace layouts, free WordPress themes and free images and graphics for your web projects from blogs to forums to websites and just about anywhere that you would like to place an image to.

While most websites disallow hotlinking, this one looks like they do not mind. In any case, if you are using anything from this website, do check their terms of use first and comply with them. This would mean that all users will continue to enjoy these freebies.

Free Web Graphics

Image courtesy of GraphicFreebies.com

As a cheap0 webmaster, I am always on the look out for free graphics that I could use on my sites and blogs. Some people think that we should not use free graphics and risk looking like another website and if we are serious with our sites, we should custom design our graphics.

Well, I am fine with free graphics and do not see the need to spend money unnecessarily when we can get plenty of graphics for free.

My latest discovery is GraphicFreebies.com. HHmm if you are planning to use any of their graphics, though, you will need to check out their terms of use. Basically, you are not allowed to profit from their free graphics, you can only use them on non-commercial sites and you will have to provide a link back to FreeGraphics.com

Also, like all free graphic sites you cannot hotlink images from the site. Enjoy!