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Free Whitney Houston I Look To You Download

Images courtesy of Whitney Houston

Aren’t I happy to learn that Whitney Houston is offering a free download of her latest single, I Look To You. Well, I grew up listening to her and even though I am not an ardent fan of hers, I still love listening to her powerful vocals. It has been some time since Whitney Houston has an album out so this is really a great welcome to her fans.

Oh, yes, even though I am not a great fan, you can bet that I would be downloading her free song. Why wouldn’t I? It’s free, it’s Whitney Houston! I would be dumb not to, when it’s legal. I could sync it to my iPhone. It’s always hungry for new music, the legal ones!

To download Whitney Houston’s I Look To You, visit her website, link provided in this post already. Enjoy while we wait for her album which will be available this 1st September, 2009!

Free Trip Hop Music Downloads

Image courtesy of Endless Blue

I receive tremendous feedback each time I write a post on free music download. I know everyone loves freebies, especially free music. Who wants to pay $0.99 for a song when you can have it for free, right?

Endless Blue is a website that has plenty of free trip hop music for download. The whole website is blue in colour which I think is rather striking and stand out from the many websites that I have visited.

The music here are said to be samples and remixes only. I don’t have the time to check out every download but I guess if you like these music, you are supposed to support the artists by buying their CD or song from iTunes.

Download Music For Free Legally

Image courtesy of Jamendo

Now that we have been warned loudly and clearly that should we be caught downloading copyrighted media and software illegally, we would be fined MYR250,000, I am sure many internet users have stopped their activity and have been buying their music and movies. For awhile there, I also wondered if there will still be anymore free music for us. Well, I’ve got an iPhone to fill, you know!

So I did a search for free legal music downloads and found quite a number of websites and Jamendo is one of them. We would have to register with this site first before we are able to download music. The music here, I think, is by obscure or up and coming artistes and musicians, nothing from the A-listers from what I could see. However, there are 220082 active members downloading music from the 6142 published albums and I think there must be some gems here!

So, if you are looking for free music, Jamendo seems to be a great place to start exploring!