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Win a 4GB Zune and Rogue Wave Album

Although Zune is not popular here in Malaysia, I understand that it is quite popular and comparable to the iPod. If you would rather own a Zune, then here is a chance for you to win a 4GB Zune for free from LiveDaily.com.

Image courtesy of Live Daily

This contest has just started a couple of days ago and will end on 7th July, 2008. Unfortunately, this contest is only open to legal residents of the United States currently living in the United States.

Besides the 4GB Zune, you will also be winning the latest album from Rogue Wave. If you do not know who they are, the Zune should be a good enough reason to participate in this contest!

I Rate My Day, Do You?

I actually came across this cute site a sometime back when it was just launched. It’s called I Rate My Day and just like the name suggests, members log into their account to rate their day every day, if possible. I thought to myself, who would want to know how I feel daily? On the other hand, it would be good to show the world how happy or how rotten I feel on a particular day. I could choose to keep emotions private as well or make it public by default.

Click here to read my rating!

Today, I just registered with I Rate My Day but I am a little late to participate in their contest where they are giving away a Microsoft Zune! A Microsoft Zune, you know?!?

For those who managed to participate in the contest, the last day was 31st July, 2007, they will stand a chance to win, like I mentioned, a Microsoft Zune. There will only be one unit but this contest is open to all members of I Rate My Day that means worldwide participation is certainly welcomed.

Well, I would have joined too but I was a few hours late in knowing about it, unfortunately, but I’ve now got my account and I certainly would try to rate my day daily!