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Win US$25 Amazon Gift Card From Kateedyd

I came across this blog, Confetti by: Kateedyd earlier this morning but I thought I would write a post on the contest later in the evening and put in an entry myself. I came home from shopping and checked out the blog only to find that the closing date is actually today, 1st November 2008 at 12noon PST. I don’t know what time that will be in Malaysia, where I am but I am going to try to get an entry in, nevertheless.

If you would like to stand a chance to win US$25 Amazon gift card, do check out what you are required to do to submit an entry by reading this contest post. Basically, you need to write a blog post informing your readers about the amazing giveaway by Kateedyd, where one winner will walk away with the prize of a US$25 Amazon gift card.

If you are interested, better hurry. There’s not much time left, but GOOD LUCK nonetheless!

Win $500 Gift Card From ABT Electronics

A humidifier is very important when there are elderly folks living at home. I was advised to get a couple of humidifiers for the bedrooms but have been thinking of the cost. This morning, I checked out ABT Electronics and am glad to note that they carry a variety of humidifiers and humidifier accessories like the humidifier wick with different price range to suit any home and budget. There are humidifiers that treat single rooms or the entire house. I would have to check and see which is more cost effective in the long run. Of course, it would be best if the whole house is treated. We shall see.

ABT Electronics, a leading online retailer in quality consumer electronics and appliances, is offering a $500 gift card to one lucky person who signs up for regular email updates. This gift card drawing is only valid for legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old.

I wish I am lucky enough to win this gift card as a couple of home appliances on ABT Electronics have caught my eye. If I don’t win, at least I could still take advantage of their free shipping offer!

Win Transformers Passes & $250 Gift Card

This is the best news I will ever have for fans of the new Transformer movie.

This is your chance to win not one, not two, not three, not four, not five but SIX movie passes to Transformers. If you have watched Transformer the movie trailer but have yet to watch the movie in the cinema, this is your chance to watch it with five buddies or watch it six times yourself! Hey, if you are a fan, six times ain’t that many!

It is a damper that this offer is only valid in the United States. Want six passes for the new Transformers movie? Participate now if you are in the United States! You shouldn’t let this chance pass of winning these coveted passes PLUS a $250 Visa gift card.

Ughh… all good things always happen over at the other side of the world!