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Free Sticker Pack

Image courtesy of Fat Kids

I have no idea what this website is about. They are called Fat Kids and their URL says “I am fatter than you”. What does this mean, actually? They claim to be ambassadors of the street culture. Er… that’s not very enlightening either.

And now, they are giving away free sticker packs with the Fat Kids logo, which they call it the “classic” stickers. In addition, they are throwing in a surprise. It could be anything…

Anyway, to get your hands on this free classic Fat Kids stickers and a surprise, click on the link that I have enclosed at the top of this post to read all about this giveaway. Then send an email to giveaways@iamfatterthanyou.com with the Subject title: RE: Giveaways

One Million Free Stickers

Image courtesy of PETA

Today’s freebie is seriously easy to get your hands on. There are a total one million stickers given away by PETA. The stickers re very cute and it says “I Am Not A Nugget”. You can request for either a 16 or 32 sticker pack.

While it is easy to get your hands on free stickers, five winners will each receive a Golden Sticker. Winners of the Golden Sticker must take a photograph of themselves and email it to peta2@peta2.com. These winners will then receive an additional prize: 24 coupons for any Tofurky products, excluding holiday items.

It’s easy, isn’t it? If you are camera-shy, you are not obligated to send in your photo, even if you won the Golden Sticker. LOL

Free Mica Watches Stickers

Image courtesy of Mica Watches

I came across this Facebook freebie; it’s very easy to get your hands on some free Mica Watches stickers. What you need to do is just post about this freebie offer on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or wherever, online, leave Mica Watches your link and provide then with your mailing information like name, postal address and email address.

Once the Mica Watches team has verified your link, a free sticker pack will be on the way to you. Isn’t that easy? I’m not sure if they have country restrictions, though.

Free Shark Love Sticker

Image courtesy of Shark Love

I love collecting stickers and although some people have sticker books, I keep mine unstuck. Actually, I still have a good collection of old stickers but you know, stickers don’t store so well.

Anyway, if you love stickers, or if you love sharks, Shark Love, a community website for shark lovers and surfers, is giving away free Shark love stickers. From what I see, this freebie offer is only available in the United States. Oh well…

I actually like this Shark Love logo. I think it is highly marketable too and could be used to print t-shirts and other merchandise but then what am I talking about? I am a freebie lover and no, I would not pay for these but I would love to get my hands on them if they were given away free!

Free Urban Wildlife Sticker

Image courtesy of National Park Service

If you know me well enough, you will know that I am an animal lover. I would do anything in my power to help animals and if I have a lot of money, I would probably set up an animal shelter or provide financial support to one in my hometown. But that is something in the future and only if money is of no concern.

This morning, I chanced upon this awareness and educational website on wildlife animals of National Park Service of the United States. They are offering free stickers upon request in a bid to educate the public on wildlife animals and cultivate the respect for them.

If you would like to help these wildlife animals in a small way, do spread the news by creating awareness and educating people on wildlife and the respect they deserve from us.

This free sticker offer looks like it’s available for people in the world. Try requesting for one even if you are outside of the United States. There’s no harm.

Free Skull Candy Stickers

Image courtesy of Skull Candy

While surfing the internet looking for freebies, I chanced upon this website/company called Skull Candy. I have never heard of it before and it is intriguing. The website is very artistically done but I don’t like the skull but when that is the name of the company ….

Skull Candy’s giving away stickers so of course I have to check out what this company is all about. I think they are first and foremost, manufacturers of headphones and earphones which they then expanded their line of products to include mp3 players, bags and other accessories. Cool!

So yes, Skull Candy is giving away stickers and even if the stickers are in the shape of skulls, if you are a freebie lover, you would still take them, won’t you?