Poker In The Comfort Of Home

I came across a website of a hotel in Vegas that offers free rooms to guests. I asked my sister if that’s true and if it is, she should take advantage of it. My brother-in-law always has luck at the casino, according to my sister, so they usually get their trip to Vegas paid for just by playing in the casino, especially texas hold em. My sister doesn’t have such luck, though.

According to my sister, such free accommodation offers are very common and if she could, she would take it up. However, the weather has not been conducive for air travel In fact, snow has been so thick she couldn’t even get to work. She could just as well play poker online from the comfort of home! It’s a great way to rest and relax after a hard day spent plowing snow!

My sister told me that just like in a real environment, she is no good at Poker but playing at home, she doesn’t feel the pressure. The good thing is that whatever her losses, even though she is just a small-time player, her husband, when he comes home from work, will help her to recover her losses! How lucky!

I also play poker regularly on Facebook and I think that one day, when I am good enough, I would like to pay for money, starting with small bets, though, until I am confident! To me, though, it’s not about the amount of money I win, but the excitement in winning. I feel a rush of adrenaline when I win even though there is no money involved. Yes, I know I sound crazy but then it’s probably because I don’t really understand the game, so to me, it’s more a game of chance, unlike some players who would spend time analyzing a game and get all technical!

Anyway, I don’t know when I will be ready for the “big time” but meanwhile, I’ll just continue honing my skills at free games. LOL

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