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My sister was just telling me that she knows of some of the best US online casinos and that I should start playing some other casino games instead of just poker. She says that she loves playing roulette now. HHmm I think that’s more like a game of luck rather than skill or strategy, right?

My sister also said that she has done some research like I asked her to on the best USA online casino bonuses. Well, that is not difficult when the information has already been compiled by websites like LOL

Going through the website myself, I was glad that not only was I able to read reviews of top online casinos worldwide, but I could also keep abreast with the latest happenings of the online casino world. It is such a vibrant industry and full of activity that it is difficult to keep up if news are not easily available under one portal.

I also love it that I could get my hands on beginner’s guide to most casino games. I may play poker but I am not good at all. Perhaps I should read the guide and start from the beginning!

If you are curious about the history of casino games, rules, tips and even strategies to play to win, you should check out right now.

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