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I know of a couple of people who make a living from gambling. Now, I wouldn’t say that this is the best way to “work” but some people are so lucky it just makes more sense to go into it on a full time basis. Moreover, they can stay at home to work due to the convenience of online gaming!

For people who are even a little bit interested in online gaming and would like to invest time, money and energy into this, whether for pleasure or otherwise, they should always be in the loop of the happenings in the world of Online Gambling.

I personally usually just patronize one comprehensive website where I can read all about the top online casinos as reviewed by professional gamers, read about the latest news in the industry and sometimes even refresh my skills by going through the many gaming tutorials available. I find that by doing this, I am more confident when I play.

Anyway, if you have been reading the news, you would know that three of the world’s major online gaming sites have been shut down by the authorities. If you are affected by this move, it’s time to go over to Gambling 101 to look for other good gaming sites!

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