Blackmores Pregnancy Relaxation CD Giveaway

Image courtesy of Blackmores

This seems like an “old” giveaway but I just came across it! Yeah, so bad, nobody tipped me off about it. Perhaps my friends are not pregnant at the moment? LOL Anyway, although this is an “old” giveaway, this should still be available, otherwise, this offer would have been taken off the site already.

To get your hands on this free Blackmores Pregnancy Music Relaxation CD, which contains relaxing music, you would need to register with Blackmores website as a member.

Then send an email to, with the subject: “Blackmores Pregnancy Relaxation CD giveaways – C032”

Your email should contain the following information:

1. Full Name
2. New I.C. No.
3. Date of Birth (D.O.B)
4. Mailing Address
5. Mobile phone number
6. Email
7. Months into pregnancy: ……..………months
8. No. of children (if any): ……………
9. Types of supplement currently taking: Folic acid / Multivitamins / DHA / Others (please state): …………..
10. Current brand of multivitamin supplement: …………

Hurry, this offer is valid while stocks last.

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