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It’s only the third day of Chinese New Year and I am already tired from entertaining guests. They come for early in the morning and stay for long hours, gambling. You know, gaming is one of the activities that the Chinese get involve in every Chinese New Year, it’s like tradition already. While I have no problems with social gaming, I don’t really like the making of small talk. I run out of things to say all the time, hence I prefer to play online where I am not obligated to chat if I don’t feel like it.

I actually spend a lot of time on online poker, and am getting quite good at it. While people may say that practice makes perfect and it truly does, I think it helps when one goes through the tutorials that are available on poker sites like Poker Stars. I like this website in particular because it is very comprehensive. On this site, I am also able to look at all the on-going promotions from sign-on bonuses to tournament bonuses.

It is so convenient to play online now and poker is accessible to so many people thanks to the internet. I remember last time we had to drive out of state to play at a casino. What is different about Poker Stars is that we could manage our own poker rooms and invite our friends to play with us. It’s not difficult; just download the application, install and launch it to start our own “club”.

We can start our very own home games and send out invitation codes to our friends once we have scheduled our games. I prefer playing online than having them play at my home because it means I don’t have to cleanup the mess when they leave! Yeah, this is definitely going to be the way every Chinese New Year from now onwards!

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