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Image courtesy of Only Won

I discovered Only Won on Twitter the other day and one link led me to another, and I chanced upon his blog. He is offering free tracks on his blog so it’s a great opportunity for me to feature him here on my blog. I downloaded his three free tracks, though I had to submit my e-mail address and obviously, subscribe to his mailing list. It’s OK, I used my junk email address. Hahaha!! I kinda like his music; he’s a Chinese Hip Hop singer; quite a rare breed, if you ask me.

If you would like to download and listen to music, especially when it’s free, just head over to Only Won’s blog by clicking on the link I have enclosed at the top of this post. Anyway, the three free tracks are as follows:

1. I Wanna Be An Engineer
2. Dim Sum
3. Cantonese Boy


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