Free Disney Parks Holiday Planning DVD

Images courtesy of Disney Parks

if you are planning to visit any of the Disney theme parks soon, you should get this DVD. This DVD is given free to residents in Australia and New Zealand ONLY, beats me why, but if you qualify, you really should request for one even if you have no plans yet to visit Disney.

The DVD introduces you to the magic of Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Hong Kong Disneyland and a special preview of the Disneyland Resort Paris. Of course, besides these, there are also many useful tips to the traveller including shows and attractions and tips on travelling with a toddler. I don’t like travelling with toddlers because they won’t remember anything but a friend told me that the reason people lug their toddlers around is because there is no one to babysit.

Anyway, do get your free Disney Parks holiday planning DVD while stocks last!

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3 thoughts on “Free Disney Parks Holiday Planning DVD

  1. sandy

    The age one takes children to Disney is key, and lots of people don’t get that. Silly, stupid to fight the crowds, pay big bucks when children are too young to comprehend, see, understand, enjoy or remember. Took our daughter when she was about 5….what a blast watching things through her eyes; but even then people have to realize a 5 year old legs don’t move as quickly, a 5 year old needs to rest, needs to go to bed at night etc. Dumb parents push their kids to do too much, then wonder why they’re cranky, hot, tired etc. If they’re not happy you aren’t either…….plus none of us around you are.

    Wondering if you’re still a dofollow blog. I actually came here cause you were on the list; but am not seeing the badge like you are.

  2. sandy

    Only after 10? Not sure I understand your qualifier. You mean after you get 10 comments on a blog post somehow you kick in to being a dofollow? I’m really deleting lots of folks who said they were to get the links from the list, but are getting without giving. The list is pretty old and has been added to from one person’s blog to another etc, and I’m trying to make it actually a working list.

    I’ve sadly started moderating older comments on my blogs, which I hate really cause half the fun is the interaction I think. I wish the spammers would go play elsewhere. lol

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