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People who know me for the first time are usually quite taken aback that I am a risk taker. I have played number predictions, bet in horse racing, played card games, etc, but they are even more surprised that despite all these, I have never entered a casino before. This year, I made a change and visited THREE casinos. LOL

Although I am impressed with the bling and won a little in some games, I found that I couldn’t concentrate because of the crowd and the noise. Honestly, I would rather play in online casinos so as not be distracted and end up losing more than winning.

If you are looking for the current top online casinos, you should look no further than Casino People where you will be given unbiased professional opinion on each of the top casinos. The site may be new but it is run by experienced people who know the industry inside out and who also play the games themselves, bringing us first hand reviews.

This is extremely helpful as you would be able to make a more informed decision on which online casino to invest time and money in, without having to try them out one by one. In addition, there is a handy list of casinos that accept US players so don’t worry about not being able to join in the fun if you live in the United States.

There is a discussion board on Casino People where people who share the same interest could converge, interact and share with each other easily. One of the topics that anyone serious in playing online casino games should follow is casino tips. When you play, you play to win, right?

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