14 Days Unlimited Download For Free

Image courtesy of UseNeXT

If you are someone who loves to download movies, programs and other stuff over the internet, you should check this new service, called UseNeXT. I didn’t try it out myself, but I read that the speed is extremely fast and there are many things that one could choose from to download. I would need to see for myself how true it is.

In any case, to see what are the files that are available for download, you would have to sign up with the service first but then the first two weeks are free. It’s like a trial offer which you can cancel at any time, though if you like it, there are three plans that you could choose from.

By the way, if you are testing out the trial service, do keep tab of the days. Two weeks can fly by really fast so make sure you cancel your subscription before the 14-day trial is up. Let me know how you like this service and what are the files available.

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