Win US$100 Gift Certificate From Silver Lining Herbs

Image courtesy of Silver Lining Herbs

If you keep animals, you will know how vulnerable they are. they get almost the same kinds of illnesses that humans get and yet, most owners do not seem to give their animals and pets better food, supplements or even medication. A lot of people I know abandon their pets then their dogs and cats become old or sick.

Silver Lining Herbs is an online store that carries herbal health products for horses and dogs. Why horses and dogs? Well, I don’t know but if you have a horse or a dog, you would be glad to know that they are giving away one US$100 gift certificate to a lucky person who has subscribed to their monthly email newsletter.

The latest to subscribe to the newsletter is midnight PST on 29th June as the winner will be announced on 30th June, 2010. The gift certificate will be good for products sold on Silver Lining Herbs online store.

Good luck!

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