Free Mp3 Downloads By Garage Bands

Image courtesy of iLike

If you use any social network at all, I am sure you would be familiar with iLike already. It’s a music application that allows social network users to share their favourite music and at the same time, allows artistes and wannabes to share their music with fans across all major social channels.

iLike, on their own website, offers free mp3 downloads everyday. The problem is that the tracks by “garage bands” may not be what you like to listen to but then when it’s free, there’s no complaints to be made, right?

Anyway, to get hold of any free tracks on iLike is really easy. Just click on the orange link that says Free MP3 and a download window will pop up. Save it to your computer. I didn’t grab any free tracks yet, so let me know how you like them.

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2 thoughts on “Free Mp3 Downloads By Garage Bands

  1. Steve

    Likewise I never heard of it before reading this post. Trouble is that there’s so many Social Bookmarking sites now, it’s difficult to keep track.

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