Free Software License Keys

Image courtesy of Buzz99

I was lucky to come across this gaming and technology blog called Buzz99. It has one section where the blogger provides information on free software license keys and as a freebie lover who tries her best not to be a pirate, I found the free programs featured on Bizz99 very useful.

Most of these programs on Buzz99 are premium programs which means that we have to pay to obtain the full license key but sometimes, even premium programs offer free keys. Buzz99 brings us the information when free keys are available.

I find quite a handful of programs featured here quite useful and I think it will take me some time to download the files and explore the programs but I really don’t mind having a few more full-fledged programs on my computer, especially when I don’t have to pay for them!

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  1. Maxi

    Have done a couple of posts on “freebies” and enjoyed your site greatly. Will be back to spend more time. Nice Site!

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