Matahati Designs Freebies

Image courtesy of Matahati Designs

I was just surfing around this morning looking for some freebie or other when I decided that I should feature freebies by Malaysians. I did not have anyone in mind or any kind of freebie in particular but in the end, I decided to feature Matahati Designs today because of the cute layout. I know she bought it but it’s still cute.

Anyway, also because of the design, looking at the kind of freebies that Matahati Designs has to offer is a bit of a chore. You can’t see it in a single page because only post excerpts are shown. Still, if you have time to spare, it is worth going through the posts to look for Matahati Design freebies which range from free font to free layout to free paper pack.

Do take note that some items featured on Matahati Designs are for sale, so make sure to tread carefully around the website. Hehe!

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